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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia calls for an immediate ban on taser use by police

The Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (TLABC) calls for an immediate ban on taser use throughout the province following a disturbing series of taser-related deaths in Vancouver, others parts of Canada and beyond.

"While our association is pleased that a public inquiry will be conducted regarding the death of Robert Dziekanski, who was shot with a taser twice at the Vancouver International Airport, the further use of tasers cannot be justified until all police protocols are thoroughly reviewed and re-assessed," said TLABC president Rose Keith. "As well, the degree of harm caused by tasers may render a permanent ban necessary. That is a matter which must be addressed through public processes in Canada and in other jurisdictions."

TLABC urges Solicitor General John Les and Premier Gordon Campbell to impose a ban on taser use until, at a minimum, the results of the public inquiry are fully realized and all relevant information from other jurisdictions is obtained.

The use of tasers is now universally controversial and the concerns are fully warranted. A moratorium on taser use is imperative at this time. No one should be subjected to harm caused by the use of taser guns when the degree of damage has not been controlled or minimized in a disturbingly high number of tragic incidents. TLABC notes that the Yukon has already imposed a ban on taser use. It is necessary for BC officials to follow this lead.

For further information: www.tlabc.org

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