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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Canadians react to the video of Robert Dziekanski's final moments

November 14, 2007
Globe and Mail

More reactions from across the country to the video that showed the last moments of Robert Dziekanski's life:

Dolby thomas from Cowtown, writes: This man did not deserve to die. 4 officers, 1 unarmed suspect, and they killed him? We expect a higher duty of care from our police service. Very sad.

M B from Canada writes: Just finished watching the video. He did not attack the police: he backed off and was not threatening the officers when he was tasered. And they could not even figure out what language he was speaking? They keep saying he 'speaks Russian' when he is talking Polish? Yes, both are Slavic language, but you think that in our multicultural Canada they could have found at least one person who could have spoken his language.

Bob ImamI from Canada writes: M...U...R...D...E...R

TD P from London, Canada writes: That is manslaughter. This is a disgrace to our Nation. The RCMP better not try to wiggle their way out of this. Earlier reports stated witnesses saying they heard officers asking if they could taser him as they approached the scene. Sounds to me like somebody wanted to try out their new toy. Disgusting.

Clark The Mighty from Canada writes: They'll protect their own.

David Parsons from Vancouver, Canada writes: Irrespective of whether Mr. Dziekansk was killed by the use of the taser or not, its use did not seem justifiable in the circumstances. Police should have obtained an interpreter and waited it out - let him chuck a few chairs around for awhile and talk him down, as the woman was able to do before he was going to pitch the chair through the glass. I love the cop leaping over the glass just dying to get into Mr. Dziekansk's face. It's just poor judgment.

Kevin Desmoulin from TO, Canada writes: This is so sad It brought tears to my eyes, I am ashamed to be a Canadian, MY apologies to his Mother. I still do not understand why they could use their physicality to subdue him and it is clearly understood by some that he speaks another Language. Couldn't they take some time to find someone to speak to him or find out what language he was exactly speaking? He was not attempting to hurt anyone and where is the people at the counter? I thought airports operate 24 hrs a day. Truly Horrible

Andrew Burke from Canada writes: People are too willing to accept the inappropriate use of non-lethal weapons because they assume the only alternative is being shot. It is a false dilemma: In this case, as well as others, not only could the use of either be justified, but the use of a firearm would be completely out of the question. Police should be forced the treat the use of pepper spray / tasers the same way they treat shootings.

Tim Cares from Canada writes: The officers involved in covering this up should be fired for lying to their employers. Meaning us!!

Jerry Cutler from Delta, BC, Canada writes: Mere words cannot convey the utter disgust I feel toward the RCMP. I thought this kind of Nazi Gestapo behaviour ended in 1945.

Mike McFae from Canada writes: Just saw the video...doesn't make any sense...why can't 4 strong cops subdue 1 man. There were a dozen ways to handle this problem and zapping the poor guy was not one of them.

Barton Hewett from Victoria, Canada writes: What gutless and disgusting humans those cops are. Big, tough men with their vests and guns too lazy or scared to do their job with concern and decency - instead they casually and callously murder (MURDER!) and helpless and innocent man. Sickening, really.

M M from Canada writes: A sickening display of four cowardly cops abusing power. Congrats to the Vancouver police force....

Michael Gismondi from Canada writes: I think that this story is troubling enough without placing this man's last moments on earth on the internet. There is nothing to gain from showing this poor man's death. I would ask this video be removed immediately. We can't have a curse word or a naked picture in the news, yet someone's death is fine. What a strange and twisted society we have created. May this man rest in peace and may the officers involved suffer the consequenes of their consciences for a long time.

martha stewart from Canada writes: Mike McFae from Canada writes: 'Just saw the video...doesn't make any sense...why can't 4 strong cops subdue 1 man.' They were cowards, period. If their careers do not end immediately, it will be a national shame.

Kevin Desmoulin from TO, Canada writes: Fraser River from Canada Please do some reading on this story before making such idiotic comments, his mother was waiting not more then 200 meters from him or something like that and she tried to get a hold of him. All this information and more is right here in the related stories.

r p from calgary, Canada writes: After he was tasered, he was making noise...then they all subdued him with their bodies and he was silent...did the taser kill him or was his windpipe or chest crushed? Guess the autopsy will answer that. I would rather be pepper sprayed than tasered....at least it doesn't short circuit your heart!

Brian Lowry from Fredericton, Canada writes: Fraser River -- the mother probably wasn't waiting for her son because she didn't know he was there. She may also have assumed that he would not be killed by the police ten hours after harmlessly arriving at the airport. Of course, anyone familiar with the BC RCMP would never make such a grievous error... at least they're down from executing harmless prisoners with bullets to the head to only using electrical torture implements. If this trend continues, then a few years from now they may no longer be killing prisoners at a noticeable rate.

Matt Ostergard from Victoria, Canada writes: Before everyone jumps to conclusions about the conduct of the four officers, it would be prudent to know whether or not this is standard operating procedure for the RCMP -- are the officers trained to use a taser rather than their own physical force to restrain someone? It seems like a moratorium on taser use is in order, and probably at the very least a permanent restriction on when and how tasers are used.

M M from Canada writes: All four of those lazy, cowardly cops should be charged with first degree murder.

H S from Vancouver, Canada writes: I feel sick to my stomach. He was traveling on a plane for the first time and was looking for his mom for over 10 hours after landing. He was obviously disoriented and frustrated... He was murdered by cowards and they lied to try to cover it up. Shame on the RCMP.

anonymouse Z from Canada writes: The guy was backing off and the police tased and killed him. Deliberately. These police need to be prosecuted as criminals.
Joe Liberali from Canada writes: Exactly as it's been described.. All police should be ashamed, they've all received the same flawed training.

Joe Liberali from Canada writes: Publish the names of those officers now!

varun xm from toronto, Canada writes: I strongly disagree with you Michael G. I want Robert to get justice. What I had suspected from the bystander reports has been been crystallized by the video. There can be no debate about this that the cops behaved inappropriately. They misread the situation. Even the bystanders were urging restraint and recognized the fear underlayng Robert's behavior. They reacted irrationally. I did not see any attack and frankly these guys look like a bunch of gutless goons without the cojones or the brains to subdue an unarmed man with an anxiety attack. They LIED. THEY TRIED TO COVER THIS UP. I am ashamed and that seems to be the overriding emotiion out here. Can there be any doubt on all the ways this was wrong? This vid needs to be out there to rub my face in it. SHAME.

P Morgan from Toronto, Canada writes: The RCMP are out of control. The lies they told about this death, and the lack of information about why this guy was held for 10 hours and his waiting mother sent home, told he wasnt there, all of this points to abuse of police power. I heard today that 17 people in Canada have died/been killed when tasers were used by police. And the police in Toronto want them issued as standard equipment. Unfortunately, the police can't be trusted with this weapon. They tasered him twice...the first use was criminally negligent, the second murder.

snow lander from Edmonton, Canada writes: hmmm. . . no wonder they didn't want that video shown. what a bunch of bumbling fools. the keystone cops look brighter.

FOREMOST AUTHORITY from Western, Canada writes: Saw the video. Pure MURDER

jer greene from montreal, Canada writes: Aren't we proud to be trigger-happy, obese Canadians? The airport has no other monitoring policies in place, just RCMP tasers?

FOREMOST AUTHORITY from Western, Canada writes: 'When he lost conciousness they DIDN'T try to revive him.'

r p from calgary, Canada writes: Canada doesn't have electric chairs....they have been replaced by tasers

FOREMOST AUTHORITY from Western, Canada writes: When he lost conciousness they DIDN'T try to revive him.

jerry johnson from Ottawa, Canada writes: OH MY GOD! Murder in broad daylight. I can only imagine what those thugs are capable of when no one is present. Arar should probably thank his lucky stars he was not deported to Syria and not to BC.

Andrew Jones from Canada writes: No wonder the cops didn't want this video back out in the public. Well, Mr Elliott, here comes your first true test as commissioner.
Will you close ranks or will you see justice served and have these four cowardly, criminal thugs charged? Your appointment to the top position is now truly on trial.

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