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Monday, March 14, 2016


Key compilers of the list

In 2004, Arizona Republic reporter Robert Anglen researched and published the first set of 44 names, increasing to 71 names, with brief situation descriptions. By 2006, Anglen's list had grown to 167, and all later lists have roots in his work. We also had a great deal of assistance from British Columbia lawyer Cameron Ward. By mid-April 2011, this website had published 542 names and related news stories since it began in 2007. Our list includes 29 Canadian deaths.

We have now supplemented this list by tracing the names collected by Texas Police Chief Howard E. Williams for his 2007 book, Taser Electronic Control Devices and Sudden In-Custody Death: Separating Evidence From Conjecture. Williams analysed news reports and autopsies of 213 deaths from 1983 through 2005, including rare records of earlier taser models, and also included a supplementary list of 97 deaths that occurred during 2006. We have added a number of names from Williams' list that were not on ours, after finding confirming internet reports. We would like to acknowledge the assistance provided to us by Howard E. Williams during this revision.

We had other names waiting to be added as well, many of which were discovered by Kate, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. Kate is a retired researcher and technical writer living in British Columbia, and she is compiling a database of media reported deaths and injuries subsequent to tasering. She occasionally discovers “cold cases” for the List.

The names included in this collection have been traced to at least two data sources and often to many more. As of today, March 14, 2016, this compilation now includes the names of 969 persons who died following shocks from a conducted energy weapon. Three of these deaths occurred after use of shock devices made by other manufacturers.

The list does not include persons who also were shot; or where a gun was mistaken for a taser; or where a shock weapon was used by a criminal during commission of a lethal crime. These are also tragic and worthy of study, but beyond our limits.

We know that some names must still be missing. In 2006, recording deaths turned up by search engines, TNT collected 78 American names. Williams collected 97, possibly with some access through official networks, missing only 4 that TNT had found. This implies that conscientious news search missed about 20% of the incidents, during a year when a death subsequent to taser use attracted press interest.

The List of the Dead


1. August 10, 1983, Vincent Alvarez, 27, Los Angeles, California


2. January 22, 1984: Raul Guevara, Jr. 30, Los Angeles, California
3. August 17, 1984: Larry Donnell Gardner, 32, Burke County, Georgia


4. April 11, 1985: Cornelius Garland Smith, 35, Los Angeles, California
5. August 29, 1985: Lannie Stanley McCoy, 35, Los Angeles, California
6. December 27, 1985: Joseph Rodriguez, 24, Santa Clara, California


7. May 9, 1986: Anthony Manwell Williams III, 35, Pomona, California
8. May 18, 1986: Robert Zapata, 37, Los Angeles, California
9. June 2, 1986: Robert Herbert Bobier, 31, Los Angeles, California
10. October 7, 1986: Yale Larry Wilson, 25, Vacaville, California


11. July 22, 1987: Miguel Contreras, 27, Los Angeles, California
12. November 2, 1987: Mario Antonio Gastelum, 24, San Diego, California
13. December 4, 1987: Stewart Alan Vigil, 29, Los Angeles, California


14. January 13, 1988: William McCall, 39, Los Angeles, California
15. September 10, 1988: Edward Breen, 38, Bell-Cudahy, California
16. September 10, 1988: Charles Eugene Miles, 37, Los Angeles, California

17. February 14, 1989: Jose Torres, 31, Los Angeles, California
18. May 15, 1989: Jorge Hernandez, 28, Los Angeles, CA
19. May 22, 1989: Anthony Puma, 34, New York, New York
20. May 24, 1989: Jeffrey Michel Leonti, 37, Santa Clara, California

21. February 13, 1990: Duane J. Johnson, 24, Ventura, California
22. August 13, 1990: Glen Gonzalez, 26, Los Angeles, CA


23. April 21, 1991: Douglas L. Danville, 47, Los Angeles, California
24. July 1, 1991: Douglas Charles, 24, Los Angeles, California
25. November 2, 1991: Max Leyza Garcia, 40, Fullerton, California
26. December 9, 1991: Donnie Ray Ward, 38, Deuel, California


27. July 18, 1992: James Ricard’ 32, Los Angeles, California
28. August 20, 1992: Clarice A. Younger, 62, Prince George`s County, Maryland
29. September 14, 1992: David Martinez, 27, Los Angeles, California


30. March 8, 1993: Michael James Bryant, 37, Los Angeles, California
31. December 2, 1993: Vital Montilla, 28, New York, New York


32. January 6, 1994: Daniel Scott Gizowski, 25, Los Angeles, California
33. March 18, 1994: Ephraim Lewis, 26, Los Angeles, California
34. April 16, 1994: Richard Wayne Harris, 32, Los Angeles, California
35. May 24, 1994: Brandon Jordan, 7 months, killed by his foster mother with repeated shocks, Peoria, Illinois (NOT TASER- Bestex? Space Thunder)
36. June 5, 1994: LeGrand Griffin, 39, Cincinnati, Ohio


37. August 18, 1995: Bruce Klobuchar, 25, Los Angeles, California
38. December 1, 1995: Harry Landis, (Prison guard died after two compulsory training shocks from a NOVA shield, Coryell County, Texas (NOT TASER- NOVA shield)


39. January 5, 1996: Byron Williams, 36, Los Angeles, California
40. June 1, 1996: Scott Jaron Norberg, 33, Maricopa, Arizona
41. June 8, 1996: James Quentin Parkinson, 25, Fairfield, California
42. July 20, 1996: Kimberly Lashon Watkins-Oliver, 38, Los Angeles, California
43. December 27, 1996: Andrew Hunt Jr. , 38. Pomona, California


44. July 6, 1997: Garner Roosevelt Hicks Jr., 25, Santa Ana, California


45. March 10, 1998: Mark Andrew Brown, 43, Los Angeles, California
46. January 29, 1999: Michael Labmeier, 43, Kenton County, Kentucky
47. September 28, 1999: David Torres Flores, 37, Fairfield County, California


In approximately 2000, Taser International began to replace early taser models up to the Air Taser with the M26 model and starting in 2003 by the X26. The electrical charge is different in these models so the medical reaction should differ. However the ways in which these weapons have been used did not appear to differ.

48. May 14, 2000: Enrique Juarez Ochoa, 34, Bakersfield, California
49. June 29, 2000: Lawrence Frazier, Wallens Ridge, Virginia (NOT TASER- Stinger Ultron II)


50. June 17, 2001: Mark Burkett, 18, Gainesville, Florida
51. December 17, 2001: Marvin Hendrix, 27, Hamilton, Ohio
52. December 21, 2001: Steven Vasquez, 40, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


53. January 27, 2002: Vincent Delostia, 31, Hollywood, Florida
54. February 12, 2002: Anthony Spencer, 35, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
55. March 27, 2002: Henry Canady, 46, Hilliard, Florida
56. May 17, 2002: Richard Baralla, 36, Pueblo, Colorado
57. June 10, 2002: Eddie Alvarado, 32, Los Angeles, California
58. June 13, 2002: Nicholas Aguilar, 39, Phoenix, Arizona
59. June 15, 2002: Jason Nichols, 21, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
60. June 27, 2002: Fermin Rincon, 24, Fontana, California
61. June 28, 2002: Clever Craig, 46, Mobile, Alabama
62. July 19, 2002: Johnny Lozoya, 24, Gardena, California
63. July 19, 2002: Gordon Jones, 37, Windermere, Florida
64. September 1, 2002: Frederick Webber, 44, Orange City, Florida
65. November 7, 2002: Stephen Edwards, 59, Shelton, Washington
66. December 31, 2002: Ronald Edward Wright, 35, Arlington, Texas


In 2003, Taser International introduced the X26 model.
67. March 16, 2003: Christopher Smith, 31, Albuquerque, New Mexico
68. April 16, 2003: Corey Calvin Clark, 33, Amarillo, Texas
69. April 19, 2003: Terrence Hanna, 51, Burnaby, British Columbia
70. May 10, 2003: Joshua Hollander, 22, Normal Heights, California
71. June 9, 2003: Timothy Sleet, 44, Springfield Missouri
72. June 26, 2003: David Lewandowski, 26, Escambia County, Florida
73. July 22, 2003: Clayton Willey, 33, Prince George, British Columbia
74. August 4, 2003: Troy Nowell, 51, Amarillo, Texas
75. August 8, 2003: John Lee Thompson, 45, Carrollton Township, Michigan
76. August 8, 2003: Walter Curtis Burks Jr., 36, Minneapolis, Minnesota
77. August 17, 2003: Gordon Rauch, 39, Citrus Heights, California
78. September 24, 2003: Ray Austin, 25, Gwinnett, Georgia
79. September 29, 2003: Glenn Leyba, 37, Glendale, Colorado
80. September 28, 2003: Clark Whitehouse, 34, Whitehorse, Yukon
81. October 7, 2003: Roman Pierson, 40, Brea, California
82. October 11, 2003: Dennis Hammond, 31, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
83. October 21, 2003: Louis Morris, 50, Orlando, Florida
84. November 6, 2003: James Borden, 47, Monroe County, Indiana
85. November 10, 2003: Michael Johnson, 32, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
86. November 11, 2003: Kerry O’Brien, 31, Pembroke Pines, Florida
87. December 9, 2003: Curtis Lawson, 40, Unadilla, Georgia
88. December 9, 2003: Lewis King, 39, St. Augustine, Florida


89. February 4, 2004: David Glowczenski, 35, Southampton Village, New York
90. February 13, 2004: Raymond Siegler, 40, Minneapolis, Minnesota
91. February 21, 2004: Curt Rostentangle (Rostengale), 44, Silverdale, Washington
92. February 21, 2004: William Lomax Jr., 26, Las Vegas, Nevada
93. March 23, 2004: Ronald Perry, 28, Edmonton, Alberta
94. March 28, 2004: Terry Williams, 45, Madison, Illinois
95. April 1, 2004: Phillip LeBlanc, 36, Los Angeles, California
96. April 16, 2004: Melvin Samuel, 28, Savannah, Georgia
97. April 17, 2004: Robert Harold Allen, 45, Little Rock, Arkansas
98. April 18, 2004: Alfredo Diaz, 29, Orange County, Florida
99. April 27, 2004: Eric Wolle, 45, Washington Grove, Maryland
100. May 1, 2004: Roman Andreichikov, Vancouver, British Columbia
101. May 13, 2004: Peter Lamonday, 38, London, Ontario
102. May 22, 2004: Henry Lattarulo, 40, Hillsborough, County Florida
103. May 27, 2004: Frederick Williams, 31, Lawrenceville, Georgia
104. May 30, 2004: Darryl Smith, 46, Atlanta, Georgia
105. May 31, 2004: Anthony Oliver, 42, Orlando, Florida
106. June 4, 2004: Jerry Pickens, 55, Bridge City, Louisiana
107. June 9, 2004: James Cobb, 42, St. Paul, Minnesota
108. June 9, 2004: Jacob Lair, 26, Sparks, Nevada
109. June 16, 2004: Abel Ortega Perez, 36, Austin, Texas
110. June 23, 2004: Robert Bagnell, 44, Vancouver, British Columbia
111. June 24, 2004: Kris Lieberman, 32, Bushkill Township, Pennsylvania
112. June 30, 2004: Bernard Christmas, 36, Dayton, Ohio
113. July 3, 2004: Demetrius Tillman Nelson, 45, Okaloosa County, Florida
114. July 11, 2004: Willie Smith, 48, Auburn, Washington
115. July 17, 2004: Jerry Knight, 29, Mississauga, Ontario
116. July 23, 2004: Milton Salazar, 29, Mesa Arizona
117. August 2, 2004: Keith Tucker, 47, Las Vegas, Nevada
118. August 8, 2004: Samuel Truscott, 43, Kingston, Ontario
119. August 11, 2004: Ernest Blackwell, 29, St. Louis, Missouri
120. August 11, 2004: David Riley, 41, Joplin, Missouri
121. August 13, 2004: Anthony Lee McDonald, 46, Harrisburg, North Carolina
122. August 16, 2004: William Teasley, 31, Anderson, South Carolina
123. August 19, 2004: Richard Karlo, 44, Denver, Colorado
124. August 20, 2004: Michael Sanders, 40, Fresno, California
125. August 24, 2004: Lawrence Davis, 27, Phoenix, Arizona
126. August 27, 2004: Jason Yeagley, 32, Auburndale, Florida
127. August 29, 2004: Michael Rosa, 38, Del Rey Oaks, California
128. September 12, 2004: Samuel Wakefield, 22, Rio Vista, Texas
129. September 15, 2004: Andrew Washington, 21, Vallejo, California
130. September 20, 2004: Jon Merkle, 40, Miami, Florida
131. October 4, 2004: Dwayne Dunn, 33, Lafayette, Louisiana
132. November 2, 2004: Greshmond Gray, 25, LaGrange, Georgia
133. November 2, 2004: Robert Guerrero, 21, Fort Worth, Texas
134. November 7, 2004: Keith Raymond Drum, Clearlake, Califormnia
135. November 8, 2004: Ricardo Zaragoza, 40, Elk Grove, California
136. November 15, 2004: Jesse Robert Tapia, 37, Pomona, California
137. November 25, 2004: Charles Keiser, 47, Hartland Township, Michigan
138. November 27, 2004: Byron Black, 39, Lee County, Florida
139. December 4, 2004: Patrick Fleming, 35, Metairie, Louisiana
140. December 15, 2004: Kevin Downing, 36, Hollywood, Florida
141. December 17, 2004: Douglas Meldrum, 37, Wasatch County, Utah
142. December 17, 2004: Lyle Nelson, 35, Columbia, Illinois
143. December 22, 2004: Jeanne Hamilton, 46, Palmdale, California
144. December 23, 2004: Timothy Bolander, 31, Delray Beach, Florida
145. December 23, 2004: Ronnie Pino, 31, Sacramento, California
146. December 28, 2004: Christopher Hernandez, 19, Naples, Florida
147. December 30, 2004: David Cooper, 40, Marion County, Indiana


148. January 2, 2005: Gregory Saulsbury, 30, Pacifica, California
149. January 5, 2005: Dennis Hyde, 30, Akron, Ohio
150. January 8, 2005: Carl Trotter, 33, Pensacola, Florida
151. January 10, 2005, Jerry Moreno, 33, Los Angeles, California
152. January 28, 2005: James Edward Hudson, 33, Chickasha, Oklahoma
153. January 31, 2005: Jeffrey Turner, 41, Lucas County, Ohio
154. February 10, 2005: Ronald Alan Hasse, 54, Chicago, Illinois
155. February 12, 2005: Robert Camba, 45, San Diego, California
156. February 18, 2005: Joel Don Casey, 52, Houston, Texas
157. February 20, 2005: Robert Heston, 40, Salinas, California
158. March 3, 2005: Shirley Andrews, 38, Cincinnati, Ohio
159. March 6, 2005: David Levi Evans Jr.,45, Los Angeles, California
160. March 6, 2005: Willie Towns, 30, Deland, Florida
161. March 12, 2005: Milton Woolfolk, 39, Lake City, Florida
162. March 17, 2005: Mark Young, 25, Indianapolis, Indiana
163. April 3, 2005: James Wathan Jr., 32, Delhi, California
164. April 3, 2005: Eric Hammock, 43, Fort Worth, Texas
165. April 8, 2005: Ricky Barber, 46, Carter County, Oklahoma
166. April 22, 2005: John Cox, 39, Bellport, New York
167. April 24 2005: Jesse Colter, 31, Phoenix, Arizona
168. May 4, 2005: Keith Graff, 24, Phoenix, Arizona
169. May 5, 2005: Kevin Geldart, 34, Moncton, New Brunswick
170. May 6, 2005: Stanley Wilson, 44, Miami, Florida
171. May 6, 2005: Lawrence Berry, 33, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
172. May 13, 2005: Vernon Young, 31, Union Township, Ohio
173. May 17, 2005: Leroy Pierson, 55, Rancho Cucamonga, California
174. May 20, 2005: Randy Martinez, 40, Albuquerque, New Mexico
175. May 23, 2005: Lee Marvin Kimmel, 38, Reading, Pennsylvania
176. May 23, 2005: Richard Alverado, 38, Tustin, California
177. May 26, 2005: Walter Lamont Seats, 23, Nashville, Tennessee
178. May 28, 2005: Richard T. Holcomb, 18, Akron, Ohio
179. June 2, 2005: Nazario J. Solorio, 38, Escondido, California
180. June 4, 2005: Ravan Conston, 33, Sacramento, California
181. June 6, 2005: Russell Walker, 47, Las Vegas, Nevada
182. June 11, 2005: Horace Owens, 48, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
183. June 13, 2005: Michael Anthony Edwards, 32, Palatka, Florida
184. June 13, 2005: Shawn Pirolozzi, 30, Canton, Ohio
185. June 14, 2005: Robert Earl Williams, 62, Waco, Texas
186. June 24, 2005: Carolyn Daniels, 25, Fort Worth, Texas
187. June 24, 2005: Melinda Kaye Neal Fairbanks, 33, Whitfield County, Georgia
188. June 29, 2005: Pharoah Knight, 33, Miami, Florida
189. June 30, 2005: Gurmeet Sandhu, 41, Surrey, B.C.
190. July 1, 2005: James Foldi, 39, Beamsville, Ont.
191. July 2, 2005: Tommy V. Gutierrez, 38, Sacramento County, California
192. July 7, 2005: Rocky Brison, 41, Birmingham, Alabama
193. July 8, 2005: Raul Jimenez Buenrostro, 29, Fontana, California
194. July 12, 2005: Kevin Omas, 17, Euless, Texas
195. July 15, 2005: Ernesto Valdez, 37, Phoenix, Arizona
196. July 15, 2005: Paul Sheldon Saulnier, 42, Digby, Nova Scotia
197. July 15, 2005: Otis G. Thrasher, 42, Butte, Montana
198. July 17, 2005: Michael Leon Crutchfield, 40, West Palm Beach, Florida
199. July 16, 2005: Carlos Casillas Fernandez, 31, Santa Rosa, California
200. July 23, 2005: Maury Cunningham, 29, Lancaster, South Carolina
201. July 25, 2005: Elisio Maldanado, 33, Los Angeles, California
202. July 27, 2005: Terrence L. Thomas, 35, Rockville Centre, New York
203. August 1, 2005: Brian Patrick O’Neal, San Jose, California
204. August 3, 2005: Eric Mahoney, 33, Fremont, California
205. August 4, 2005: Dwayne Zachary, 44, Sacramento, California
206. August 5, 2005: Olsen Ogodidde (Agoodie?), 44, Glendale, Arizona
207. August 7, 2005: Frank Gilman Edgerly, 47, Phoenix, Arizona
208. August 26, 2005: Shawn Norman, 40, Laurelville, Ohio
209. August 27, 2005: Brian Lichtenstein, 31, Stuart, Florida
210. August 29, 2005: Robert E. Boggon, 65, Escambia County, Florida
211. September 4, 2005: Leonard A. Mitchell, 36, Darby Borough, Pennsylvania
212. September 18, 2005: David Anthony Cross, 44, Santa Cruz, California
213. September 22, 2005: Timothy Michael Torres, 24, Sacramento, California
214. September 24, 2005: Patrick Aaron Lee, 21, Nashville, Tennessee
215. September 26, 2005: Michael Clark, 33, Austin, Texas
216. October 1, 2005: Mary Ellen Malone Jeffries, 51, Marshall County, Mississippi
217. October 13, 2005: Steven Cunningham, 45, Fort Myers, Florida
218.  October 13, 2005:  Tyrone Jones, 36, Port Arthur, Texas
219. October 18, 2005: David Michael Croud, 29, Duluth, Minnesota
220. October 20, 2005: Jose Perez, 33, San Leandro, California
221. October 25, 2005: Timothy Mathis, 35, Loveland, Colorado
222. October 25, 2005: Cedric Stemberg-Barton, 21, King County, Washington
223. November 1, 2005: Miguel Serrano, 35, New Britain, Connecticut
224. November 13, 2005: Josh Brown, 23, Lafayette, Louisiana
225. November 17, 2005: Jose Angel Rios, 38, San Jose, California
226. November 20, 2005: Hansel Cunningham, 30, Des Plaines, Illinois
227. November 21, 2005: Barney Lee Green, 38, Pasadena, Texas
228. November 25, 2005: Tyler Marshall Shaw, 19, Asotin County, Washington
229. November 26, 2005: Tracy Rene Shippy, 35, Fort Meyers, Florida
230. November 30, 2005: Kevin Dewayne Wright, 39, Kelso, Washington
231. December 1, 2005: Jeffrey Earnhardt, 47, Orlando, Florida
232. December 7, 2005: Michael Tolosko, 31, Sonoma, California
233. December 17, 2005: Howard Starr, 32, Florence, South Carolina
234. December 21, 2005: Clint R. Yarbrough, 33, Maricopa County, Arizona
235. December 24, 2005: Alesandro Fiacco, 33, Edmonton, Alberta
236. December 29, 2005: David Moss, 26, Omaha, Nebraska


237. January 3, 2006: Roberto Gonzalez, 34, Waukegan, Illinois
238. January 4, 2006: Steven Hooker, 21, Kalamazoo, Michigan
239. January 5, 2006: Matthew Dunlevy, 25, Laguna Beach, California
240. January 7, 2006: Carlos Claros Castro, 28, Davidson County, North Carolina
241. January 13, 2006: Daryl Dwayne Kelley, 29, Houston, Texas
242. January 16, 2006: Shmekia Lewis (female), 24, Beaumont, Texas
243. January 18, 2006: Daniel Rivera Tamez, 21, Harlingen, Texas
244. January 22, 2006: Nick Ryan Hanson, 24, Ashland, Oregon
245. January 25, 2006: Murray Bush, Metairie, Louisiana
246. January 25, 2006: Jorge Luis Trujillo, San Jose, California
247. January 28, 2006: Karl W. Marshall, 32, Kansas City, Missouri
248. January 29, 2006 Benites Sichero, 39, Spokane County, Washington
249. January 31, 2006: Jaime Coronel, Castroville, California
250. February 6, 2006: Jessie Williams Jr., 40, Harrison County, Mississippi
251. February 6, 2009: Troy Rigby, 29, Broward, Florida
252. February 13, 2006: Darval Smith, New Orleans, Louisiana
253. February 19, 2006: Gary Bartley, 36, Mandeville, Louisiana
254. February 24, 2006: Samuel Hair, 48, Fort Pierce, Florida
255. March 8, 2006: Robert R. Hamilton, 42, St. Augustine, Florida
256. Approx. March 13, 2006: Twan Tran, Port Arthur, Texas
257. March 18, 2006: Otto Zehm, 35, Spokane, Washington
258. March 18, 2006, Cedric Davis, 26, Merced County, California
259. March 20, 2006: Timothy Grant, 46, Portland, Oregon
260. March 24, 2006: Theodore Rosenberry, 35, Hagerstown, Maryland
261. April 5, 2006: Thomas Clint Tipton, 34, Clearwater, Florida
262. April 15, 2006: Nick Mamino Jr., 41, St. Louis, Missouri
263. April 16, 2006: Billy Ray Cook, 39, Dublin, North Carolina
264. April 16, 2006: Juan Manuel Nunez III, 27, Lubbock, Texas
265. April 18, 2006: Richard McKinnon, 52, Cumberland County, North Carolina
266. April 22, 2006: Alvin Itula, 35, Salt Lake City, Utah
267. April 24, 2006: Jose Romero, 23, Dallas, Texas
268. April 24, 2006: Emily Marie Delafield, 56, Green Cove Springs, Florida
269. April 25, 2006: Curtis Lee Smith, 45, New Holland, Pennsylvania
270. April 30, 2006: Brian Craig Carlile, 37, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
271. May 1, 2006: Jeremy Davis, 24, Bellmead, Texas
272. May 7, 2006: Kenneth Cleveland, 63, Ashtabula, Ohio
273. May 25, 2006: Brian Davis, 43, Los Angeles, California
274. June 4, 2006: Unidentified man, Phoenix, Arizona
275. June 4, 2006: Felipe Herrera, 48, Las Vegas, Nevada
276. June 5, 2006: James Simms, 52, Phoenix, Arizona
277. June 10, 2006: Vicki Avila, 31, Orance County, California
278. June 13, 2006: Jerry Preyer, 43, Pensacola, Florida
279. June 18, 2006: Jason Troy Dockery, 31, Coolville, Tennessee
280. June 21, 2006: Kenneth Eagleton, 43, Crosby, Texas
281. June 21, 2006: Joseph Stockdale, 26, Indianapolis, Indiana
282. June 24, 2006: John Martinez, San Jose, California
283. July 2, 2006: Jermail Williams, 32, South Bend, Indiana
284. July 3, 2006: Rodney Sisneros Jr., 26, Evans, Colorado
285. July 7, 2006: Michael Deon Babers, 26, Shreveport, Louisiana
286. July 8, 2006: Christopher Tull, 36, Cincinnati, Ohio
287. July 9, 2006: Nickolos Cyrus, 29, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
288. July 9, 2006: Ramiro Garcia, 39, Patterson, California
289. July 11, 2006: Jesus Negron, 29, New Britain, Connecticut
290. July 23, 2006: Shannon Johnson, 37, Pittsboro, North Carolina
291. July 30, 2006: George Victor. Holder, 34, Salina, Kansas
292. August 2, 2006: Anthony Jones, 39, Merced, California
293. August 4, 2006: Ryan Michael Wilson, 22, Lafayette, Colorado
294. August 8, 2006: Curry McCrimmon, 26, Melbourne, Florida
295. August 8, 2006: James Nunez, 27, Santa Ana, California
296. August 9, 2006: Glen Thomas, 33, Wabasso, Florida
297. August 18, 2006: Kenyata H. Allen, Mobile, Alabama
298. August 17, 2006: Raul Gallegos-Reyes, 34, Centennial, Colorado
299. August 18, 2006: Kenyata Allen, 23, Mobile, Alabama
300. August 20, 2006: Mark McCullaugh, 28, Akron, Ohio
301. August 20, 2006: Timothy Picard, 41, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
302. August 23, 2006: Noah Lopez,25, Fort Worth, Texas
303. August 25, 2006: Mark L. Lee, 30, Rochester, New York
304. August 26, 2006: Terry Wayne Robinson, 42,Jackson Township, Ohio
305. August 30, 2006: Jason Doan, 28, Red Deer, Alberta
306. August 30, 2006: John (Juan) Soto, Jr., 39, Liberal, Kansas
307. September 4, 2006, Jesus Mejia, 33, Los Angeles, California
308. September 5, 2006: Larry Noles, 52, Louisville, Kentucky
309 September 8, 2006: Perry Simmons, 35, Montgomery, Alabama
310. September 13, 2006: Laborian Simmons, 24, Marion County, Florida
311. September 17, 2006: Marcus Roach-Burrus, 42, Menasha, Wisconsin
312. September 17, 2006: James Philip Chasse Jr., 42, Portland, Oregon
313. September 29, 2006: Joseph Kinney, 36, Madison Twp., Ohio
314. September 30, 2006: Vardan Kasilyan, 29, Las Vegas, Nevada
315. September 30, 2006: John David Johnson III, 27, Orange Park, Florida
316. October 1, 2006: Kip Darrell Black, 38, North Charleston, South Carolina
317. October 4, 2006: Michael Templeton, 50, Jonesboro, Arkansas
318. October 6, 2006: Herman Carroll, 31, Houston, Texas
319. October 8, 2006: Armando Ibarra, Greenacres, Florida
320. October 9, 2006: Gerald Raymond Guimond, Patagonia City, Arizona
321. October 9, 2006: James Simons, 35, Lincoln Park, Michigan
322. October 19, 2006: James Lewis, 37, Las Vegas, Nevada
323. October 19, 2006: Nicholas Brown, Milford, Connecticut
324. October 22, 2006: Eddie Charles Ham Jr., 30, Montgomery, Alabama
325. October 23, 2006: Michael Todd Gleim, 40, Milford, Ohio
326. October 29, 2006: Roger Holyfield, 17, Jerseyville, Illinois
327. October 30, 2006: Jeremy Foos, 29, Columbus, Ohio
328. November 1, 2006: Curtis M. Sloan, 47, Georgetown, Illinois
329. November 5, 2006: Rosendo Gaytan, 52, Austin, Texas
330. November 7, 2006: Matthew Barnett, East Norriton, Pennsylvania
331. November 9, 2006: William Jobe, 40, Federal Way, Washington
332. November 10, 2006: Weizhong Wang, Los Angeles County, California
333. November 14, 2006: Timothy Wayne Newton, 43, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
334. November 14, 2006: Darren Faulkner, 41, Southaven, Mississippi
335. November 14, 2006: Gregory Nykiel, 34, Sharpsbury, Pennsylvania
336.  November 28, 2006: James Best, 42, Hamilton, Ontario
337. December 3, 2006: Briant K. Parks, 39, Columbus, Ohio
338. December 17, 2006: Anthony Placido, 38, West Palm Beach, Florida
339. December 17, 2006: Terrill Enard, 29, Lafayette, Louisiana
340. December 30, 2006: Daniel Walter Quick, 43, Magalia, California


341. January 5, 2007: James Barber, 25, Ottawa, Ontario (incidental?)
342. January 5, 2007: Calvin Thompson, 42, Gastonia, North Carolina
343. January 6, 2007: Douglas John Ilten, 45, Fort Pierce, Florida
344. January 7, 2007: Blondel Lassegue, 38, Nassau County, New York
345 January 12, 2007: Pedro Carlos Madrid, 44, Fresno, California
346. January 17, 2007: Keith Kallstrom, 56, Milan, Michigan
347. January 18, 2007: Andrew J. Athetis, 18, Gilbert, Arizona
348. February 19, 2007: Brett Howie, 36, Pine Bluffs, Arkansas
349. January 29, 2007: Michael Keohan, 45, Huntingdon Park, California
350. January 30, 2007: Christopher L. McCargo, 43, Dayton, Ohio
351. February 11, 2007: Stephen Krohn, 44, Mesa, Arizona
352. February 21, 2007: Martin Mendoza, 43, Oceanside, California
353. March 12, 2007: Michael J. Hartshorn, 38, Montgomery County, Kansas
354. March 13, 2007: Muszack Nazaire, 24, East Naples, Florida
355. March 15, 2007: Randy Buckey, 42, Marion, Ohio
356. March 16, 2007: Ryan Lee Myers, 40, Essex, Maryland
357. March 17, 2007: David Brown, 47, Park Forest, Illinois
358. March 17, 2007: David Mendoza, 25, West Covina, California
359. March 18, 2007: Brandon Lee Hessler, 28, New Richmond, Wisconsin
360. March 20, 2007: Christopher Eugene Fagan, 27, Harris County, Texas
361. March 23, 2007: Sergio Galvan, 35, San Antonio, Texas
362. April 10, 2007: Eugene Donjuall Gilliam, 22, Prattville, Alabama
363. April 11, 2007: Roberto Perez, 25, Indio, California
364. April 14, 2007: Unidentified male, Phoenix, Arizona
365. April 22, 2007: David Mills, 26, Hamden, Connecticut
366. April 23, 2007: Unidentified male, Houston, Texas
367. April 24, 2007: Louis Jermaine Broomfield, 35, Charleston, South Carolina
368. April 24, 2007: Walter Heller, 55, Santa Rosa, California
369. April 24, 2007: Uywanda Peterson, 43, Baltimore, Maryland
370. April 30, 2007: Roy Hamner, 59, Pearl, Mississippi
371. May 5, 2007: Daniel Bradley Young, 33, Seminole, Florida
372. May 7, 2007: Robert A. Keske, 45, Seminole, Florida
373. May 12, 2007: Trent A. Yohe, 37, Spokane, Washington
374. May 12, 2007: Jeffry Young, 54, Bremerton, Washington
375. May 14, 2007: Terrill Heath, 31, Baltimore, Maryland
376. May 15, 2007: Chance W. Shrum, 20 years old, Iola, Kansas
377. May 16, 2007: Patrick D. Hagans, 42, Valleyview, Ohio
378. May 19, 2007: Milisha Thompson, 35, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
379. May 22, 2007: Kevin DeWayne Hill, 39, Knoxville, Tennessee
380. May 23, 2007: Raymundo Guerrerro Garcia, 33, Simi Valley, California
381. May 24, 2007: Cecil Wayne Valenzuela, 39, Bakersfield, California
382. May 25, 2007: Steve Salinas, 47, San Jose, California
383. May 26, 2007: Marcus D. Skinner, 22, Seat Pleasant, Maryland
384. May 29, 2007: Doyle Moniki Jackson, 34, Benton Harbor, Indiana
385. June 2, 2007: Aaron Roe, 23, Ironton, Ohio
386. June 10, 2007: Israel Guerrero, 29, San Benito County, California
387. June 19, 2007: Juan Flores Lopez, 47, San Angelo, Texas
388. July 2, 2007: Richard Baisner, 36, Pasadena, California
389. July 6, 2007: Rafael Valentin, 35, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
390. July 8, 2007: Nathaniel Cobbs Jr., 25, Newburgh, New York
391. July 11, 2007: Donald Edward Willis, 37, Harris County, Texas
392. July 16, 2007: Albert Romero, 47, Denver, Colorado
393. July 20, 2007: Jermaine Thompson, 36, Kansas City, Missouri
394. July 25, 2007: Carlos Rodriguez, 27, Atlanta, Georgia
395. July 29, 2007: Ronald Marquez, 49, Phoenix, Arizona
396. August 2, 2007: Clyde Patrick, 44, Birmingham, Alabama
397. August 4, 2007: Gefery Johnston, 42, Chicago, Illinois
398. August 4, 2007: Stephen Spears, 49, Shelby County, Michigan
399. August 4, 2007: James Barnes, 21, Omaha, Nebraska
400. August 11, 2007: Craig Berdine, 37, Fremont, Ohio
401. August 14, 2007: Rafael Forbes, 21, Jackson, Mississippi
402. August 15, 2007: James Wells, 43, Waterford, California
403. August 16, 2007: Avery Sheron Winn, 27, Conway, South Carolina
404. August 18, 2007: Thomas Campbell, 50, Baltimore, Maryland
405. August 23, 2007: Chad Cekas, 27, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
406. August 26, 2007: Glenn Shipman Jr., 44, Portland, Oregon
407. September 3, 2007: Earl Guerrant, 47, Golf Manor, Ohio
408. September 3, 2007: Charles Gordon, 26, Vallejo, California
409. September 9, 2007: Jorge Renteria Terrquiz, 25, Anaheim, California
410. September 20, 2007: Claudio Castagnetta, 32, Quebec City, Quebec
411. October 1, 2007: Samuel Baker, 59, Quitman, Georgia
412. October 1, 2007: Keith White, 44, Kansas City, Kansas
413. October 11, 2007: Frederick L. Nelsen, 52, Wood County, Wisconsin
414. October 12, 2007: Michael Patrick Lass, 28, Orange County, California
415. October 14, 2007: Robert Dziekanski, 40, Richmond, British Columbia
416. October 14, 2007: Donald Clark Grant, 54, Asheville, North Carolina
417. October 17, 2007: Quilem Registre, 39, Montreal, Quebec
418. October 28, 2007: Randall Mark Blalock, 48, Kern County, California
419. November 1, 2007: Seldon Deshotels, 56, Lake Charles, Louisiana
420. November 2, 2007: Stefan McMinn, 44, Hendersonville, North Carolina
421. November 7, 2007: Roger Brown, 40, Miami, Florida
422. November 16, 2007: Paul Carlock, 57, Springfield, Illinois
423. November 18, 2007: Jesse Saenz, 20, Raton, New Mexico
424. November 18, 2007: Jarrel Gray, 20, Frederick, Maryland
425. November 18, 2007: Christian Allen, 21, Springfield, Florida
426 November 20, 2007: Conrad Lowman, Jacksonville, Florida
427. November 22, 2007: Howard Hyde, 45, Halifax, Nova Scotia
428. November 24, 2007: Robert Knipstrom, 36, Chilliwack, British Columbia
429. November 29, 2007: Ashley R. Stephens, 28, Ocala, Florida
430. November 30, 2007: Cesar Silva, 32, Los Angeles, California
431. December 5, Juan Mendoza Farias, 40, Maricopa County, Arizona
432. December 10, 2007: Leroy Patterson Jr., 41, Walton County, Georgia


433. January 2, 2008: Brandon Smiley, 27, Mobile, Alabama
434. January 4, 2008: Ryan Rich, 33, Las Vegas, Nevada
435. January 9, 2008: Otis C. Anderson, 36, Fayetteville, North Carolina
436. January 11, 2008: Xavier Jones, 29, Coral Gables, Florida
437. January 15, 2008: Mark Backlund, 29, New Brighton, Minnesota
438. January 17, 2008: Baron Scooter Collins-Pikes, 21, Winnfield, Louisiana
439. January 18, 2008: Daniel Hanrahan, 44, Staten Island, New York
440. February 3, 2008: Louis Cryer, 32, Port Arthur, Texas
441. February 3, 2008: Joseph Davis, 50, Brandon, Mississippi
442. February 7, 2008: Richard Earl Abston, 53, Merced, California
443. February 19, 2008: Garrett Sean Farn, 41, Bakersfield, California
444. February 26, 2008: Barron Harvey Davis, 44, Mayes County, Oklahoma
445. March 4, 2008: Christopher Jackson, 37, Clay, New York
446. March 5, 2008: Steven Drussell, 41, Albuquerque, New Mexico
447. March 6, 2008: Javier Aguilar, 46, Roswell, New Mexico
448. March 18, 2008: Roberto Gonzalez, 24, Chicago, Illinois
449. March 20, 2008: Darryl Wayne Turner, 17, Charlotte, North Carolina
450. March 21, 2008: James Garland, 41, Deerfield Beach, Florida
451. March 29, 2008: Henry Bryant, 35, Indianapolis, Indiana
452. March 30, 2008: Walter Edward Haake Jr., 59, Topeka, Kansas
453. April 1, 2008: Jason Jesus Gomez, 35, Santa Ana, California
454. April 6, 2008: Yvelt Occean, 31, New Kent County, Virginia
455. April 6, 2008: Jose Mendoza-Escobar, 35, Los Angeles County, California
456. April 22, 2008: Uriah Samson Dach, 26, Richmond, California
457. April 24, 2008: Kevin Piskura, 24, Cincinnati, Ohio
458. April 24, 2008: Dewayne Chatt, 39, Memphis, Tennessee
459. April 27, 2008: Paul Thompson, 24, Greensboro, North Carolina
460. April 28, 2008: Jermaine Ward, 28, Jackson, Tennessee
461. May 4, 2008: Joe Kubat, 21, St. Paul, Minnesota
462. May 6, 2008: James S. Wilson, 22, Alton, Missouri
463. May 8, 2008: Paul J. Swider, 29, Hammond, Indiana
464. May 28, 2008: Ricardo Manuel Abrahams, 44, Woodland, California
465. May 31, 2008: Robert Ingram, 27, Raceland, Louisiana
466. June 5, 2008: Willie Maye, 43, Birmingham, Alabama
467. June 6, 2008: Donovan Graham, 39, Meriden, Connecticut
468. June 8, 2008: Quintrell T. Brannon, 25, Vincennes, Indiana
469. June 9, 2008: Tony Curtis Bradway, 26, Brooklyn, New York
470. June 23, 2008: Jeffrey Marreel, 36, Norfolk, Ontario
471. June 24, 2008: Ernest Graves, 26, Rockford, Illinois
472. June 27, 2008: Nicholas Cody, 27, Dothan, Alabama
473. July 2, 2008: Isaac Bass, 34, Louisville, Kentucky
474. July 4, 2008: Othello Pierre, 23, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
475. July 7, 2008: Arthur Bennett, 36, Brewton, Mississippi
476. July 8, 2008: Samuel DeBoise, 29, St. Louis, Missouri
477. July 8, 2008: Carlos Vargas, 42, San Bernardino, California
478. July 8, 2008: Clarence J. Smith, Jr., 29, Bertie County, South Carolina
479. July 12, 2008: Deshoun Keyon Torrence, 18, Long Beach, California
480. July 14, 2008: Marion Wilson Jr., 52, Houston, Texas
481. July 22, 2008: Michael Langan, 17, Winnipeg, Manitoba
482. July 24, 2008: Richard Smith, 46, Dallas, Texas
483. July 26, 2008 Daniel Lee Humphreys, San Joaquin, California
484. July 27, 2008: Anthony Davidson, Statesville, 29, North Carolina
485. August 4, 2008: Jerry Jones, 45, Beaumont, Texas
486. August 4, 2008: Andre Thomas, 37, Swissvale, Pennsylvania
487. August 7, 2008: Lawrence Rosenthal, 54, Hemet, California
488. August 10, 2008: Kiethedric Hines, 31, Rockford, Illinois
489. August 15, 2008: Kenneth Oliver, 45, Miami, Florida
490. August 25, 2008: Ronald Adkisson, 59, Creston, Iowa
491. August 28, 2008: Stanley James Harlan, 23, Moberly, Missouri
492. September 3, 2008: Prince Swayzer, 38, San Jose, California
493. September 3, 2008: Andy Tran, 32, Garden Grove, California
494. September 11, 2008: Roney Wilson, 46, Hillsborough, Florida
495. September 15, 2008: Guadalupe Zavala, 87, San Diego, California
496. September 17, 2008: Sean Reilly, 42, Mississauga, Ontario
497. September 19, 2008: Gabriel Bitterman, 23, Lincoln, Nebraska
498. September 25, 2008: Iman Morales, 35, New York, New York
499. September 30, 2008: Frank Frachette, 49, Langley, BC
500. October 1, 2008: Jose Anibal Amaro, 45, Orange County, Florida
501. October 18, 2008: Homer Taylor, 39, Chicago, Illinois
502. October 29, 2008: Trevor Grimolfson, 38, Edmonton, Alberta
503. October 31, 2008: Marlon Oliver Acevedo, 35, Riverside, California
504. November 2, 2008: Gordon Walker Bowe, 30, Calgary, Alberta
505. November 3, 2008: Adren Maurice Turner, 44, Mexia, Texas
506. November 9, 2008: Guy James Fernandez, 42, Santa Rosa, California
507. November 16, 2008, Matthew Bolick, Grand Rapids, Michigan
508. December 3, 2008: Leroy Hughes, 52, Covington, Kentucky
509. December 9, 2008: Quincy Smith, 24, Minneapolis, Minnesota
510. December 19, 2008: Edwin Rodriguez, 26, San Jose, California
511. December 20, 2008: Nathan Vaughn, 39, Santa Rosa, California
512. December 24, 2008: Mark Green, 46, Houston, Texas


In 2009, Taser International introduced the TASER X3, designed to enable law enforcers to render three targets powerless or, should the officer miss the target, have additional shots available quickly.

513. January 8, 2009: Derrick Jones, 17, Martinsville, Virginia
514. January 11, 2009: Rodolfo Lepe, 31, Bakersfield, California
515. January 22, 2009: Roger Redden, 52, Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
516. February 2, 2009: Garrett Jones, 45, Stockton, California
517. February 7, 2009: Phillip B. Munoz, 29, Pueblo County, Colorado
518. February 11, 2009: Richard Lua, 28, San Jose, California
519. February 13, 2009: Rudolph Byrd, 37, Thomas County, Florida
520. February 13, 2009: Michael Jones, 43, Iberia, Louisiana
521. February 14, 2009: Chenard Kierre Winfield, 32, Los Angeles, California
522. February 28, 2009: Robert Lee Welch, 40, Conroe, Texas
523. March 1, 2009: Terry Wayne Jackson, 22, San Bernardino, California
524. March 19, 2009: Levi Mahoney, 24, Pittsburgh, Pennsylania
525. March 22, 2009: Brett Elder, 15, Bay City, Michigan
526. March 26, 2009: Marcus D. Moore, 40, Freeport, Illinois
527. April 1, 2009: John J. Meier Jr., 48, Tamarac, Florida
528. April 3, 2009: Jermaine Lamonte Love, 35, Montclair, California
529. April 6, 2009: Ricardo Varela, 41, Fresno, California
530. April 10, 2009: Robert Mitchell, 16, Detroit, Michigan
531. April 13, 2009: Craig Prescott, 38, Modesto, California
532. April 16, 2009: Gary A. Decker, 50, Tuscon, Arizona
533. April 18, 2009: Michael Jacobs Jr., 24, Fort Worth, Texas
534. April 30, 2009: Kevin LaDay, 35, Lumberton, Texas
535. May 4, 2009: Gilbert Tafoya, 53, Holbrook, Arizona
536. May 6, 2009: Grant William Prentice, 40, Brooks, Alberta
537. May 17, 2009: Jamaal Ray Valentine, 27, La Marque, Texas
538. May 23, 2009: Gregory Rold, 37, Salem, Oregon
539. June 9, 2009: Brian Layton Cardall, 32, Hurricane, Utah
540. June 21, 2009: Kurt Platzer, 32, Warren, Ohio
541. June 13, 2009: Dwight Jerome Madison, 48, Baltimore, Maryland
542. June 20, 2009: Derek Kairney, 36, South Windsor, Connecticut
543. June 29, 2009: Shawn Iinuma, 37, Fontana, California
544. July 2, 2009: Rory McKenzie, 25, Bakersfield, California
545. July 5, 2009: Raynard Jensen Davis, 41, Los Angeles County, California
546. July 18, 2009: Charles Anthony Torrence, 35, Simi Valley, California
547. July 26, 2009: Kelly Michael Galindo, 40, San Bernardino, California
548. July 28, 2009: Eanice Cowart, 23, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
549. July 30, 2009: Jonathan Michael Nelson, 27, Riverside County, California
550. August 9, 2009: Terrace Clifton Smith, 52, Moreno Valley, California
551. August 12, 2009: Ernest Owen Ridlehuber III, 53, Greenwood, South Carolina
552. August 14, 2009: Hakim Jackson, 31, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
553. August 18, 2009: Ronald Eugene Cobbs, 38, Greensboro, North Carolina
554. August 20, 2009: Francisco P. Sesate, 36, Mesa, Arizona
555. August 22, 2009: T.J. Nance, 37, Arizona City, Arizona
556. August 26, 2009: Miguel Molina, 27, Los Angeles, California
557. August 27, 2009: Manuel Dante Dent, 27, Modesto, California
558. September 7, 2009: Shane Ledbetter, 38, Aurora, Colorado
559. September 16, 2009: Alton Warren Ham, 45, Modesto, California
560. September 19, 2009: Yuceff W. Young II, 21, Brooklyn, Ohio
561. September 21, 2009: Richard Battistata, 44, Laredo, Texas
562. September 28, 2009: Derrick Humbert, 38, Bradenton, Florida
563. October 2, 2009: Rickey R. Massey, 38, Panama City, Florida
564. October 12, 2009: Christopher John Belknap, 36, Ukiah, California
565. October 17, 2009: Frank Cleo Sutphin, 19, San Bernardino, California
566. October 27, 2009: Jeffrey C. Woodward, 33, Gallatin, Tennessee
567. November 13, 2009: Herman George Knabe, 58, Corpus Christi, Texas
568. November 14, 2009: Darryl Bain, 43, Coram, New York
569. November 16, 2009: Matthew Bolick, 30, East Grand Rapids, Michigan
570. November 17, 2009: Edward Buckner, 53, Chattanooga, Tennessee
571. November 19, 2009: Jesus Gillard, 61, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
572. November 21, 2009: Ronald Petruney, 49, Washington County, Pennsylvania
573. December 10, 2009: Hatchel Pate Adams III, 36, Hampton, Virginia
574. December 11, 2009: Paul Martin Martinez Jr., 36, Roseville, California
575. December 11, 2009: Andrew Grande, Panama City Beach, 23, Florida
576. December 13, 2009: Douglas Boucher, 39, Mason, Ohio
577. December 20, 2009: Preston Bussey III, 41, Rockledge, Florida
578. December 21, 2009: Michael D. Hawkins, 39, Springfield, Missouri
579. December 30, 2009: Stephen Palmer, 47, Stamford, Connecticut


In 2010, Taser International introduced the TASER XREP – eXtended Range Electronic Projectile. The XREP projectile is self-contained, wireless, and fires from a 12-gauge shotgun (X12)
580. January 6, 2010: Delano R. Smith, 21, Elkhart, Indiana
581. January 17, 2010: William R. Bumbrey III, 36, Arlington, Virginia
582. January 20, 2010: Kelly Brinson, 45, Cincinnati, Ohio
583. January 27, 2010: Joe Nathan Spruill Jr., 33, Goldsboro, North Carolina
584. January 28, 2010: Patrick Burns, 50, Sangamon County, Illinois
585. January 28, 2010: Daniel Mingo, 25, Mobile, Alabama
586. January 28, 2010: Sinclair Wade, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
587. January 29, 2010: Ronald Dennis Palacios, 28, Los Angeles, California
588. February 8, 2010: Mark Andrew Morse, 36, Phoenix, Arizona
589. March 4, 2010: Roberto Olivo, 33, Tulare, California
590. March 5, 2010: Christopher A. Wright, 48, Seattle, Washington
591. March 10, 2010: Jaesun Ingles, 31, Midlothian, Illinois
592. March 10, 2010: James J. Healy, 44, Rhinebeck, New York
593. March 19, 2010: Albert Valencia, 31, Downey, California
594. April 10, 2010: Daniel Joseph Barga, 24, Cornelius, Oregon
595. April 30, 2010: Adil Jouamai, 32, Arlington, Virginia
596. May 9, 2010: Audreacus Davis, 29, DeKalb County, Georgia
597. May 14, 2010: Sukeba Olawunmi, 39, Clarkston (Dekalb County), Georgia
598. May 24, 2010: Efrain Carrion, 35, Middletown, Connecticut
599. May 26 2010: Michel Mang, 41, Greenbelt, Maryland
600. May 28, 2010: Carl D'Andre Johnson, 48, Baltimore, Maryland
601. May 29, 2010: Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, 42, San Ysidro (San Diego), California
602. May 29, 2010: Jose Martinez, 53, Waukegan, Illinois
603. June 2, 2010: Jose Jesus Garcia, 38, Las Vegas, Nevada
604. June 9, 2010: Terrelle Leray Houston, 22, Hempstead, Texas
605. June 12, 2010, Curtis Robinson, 34, Albuquerque, New Mexico
606. June 13, 2010: William Owens, 17, Homewood, Alabama
607. June 14, 2010: Jose Alfredo Jimenez, 42, Harris County, Texas
608. June 15, 2010: Michael White, 47, Vallejo, California
609. June 22, 2010: Daniel Sylvester, 35, Crescent City, California
610. June 24, 2010: Aron Firman, 27, Collingwood, Ontario
611. July 5, 2010: Damon Lamont Falls, 31, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
612. July 5, 2010: Edmund Gutierrez, 22, Imperial, California
613. July 8, 2010: Phyllis Owens, 87, Boring, Oregon
614. July 9, 2010: Marvin Louis Booker, 56, Denver, Colorado
615. July 11, 2010: John Coleman Jr. 39, Chicago, Illinois
616. July 12, 2010: Anibal Rosario-Rodriguez, 61, New Britain, Connecticut
617. July 15, 2010: Jerome Gill, 31, Chicago, Illinois
618. July 18, 2010: Edward G. Stephenson, 46, Leavenworth, Kansas
619. July 23, 2010: Jermaine Williams, 30, Cleveland, Mississippi
620. August 1, 2010: Dennis C. Sandras, 49, Houma, Louisiana
621. August 9, 2010: Andrew Torres, 39, Greenville, South Carolina
622. August 17, 2010, Charles Toll, Nashville, Tennessee
623. August 18, 2010: Martin Harrison, 50, Dublin, California
624. August 19, 2010: Adam Disalvo, 30, Daytona Beach, Florida
625. August 20, 2010: Stanley Jackson, 31, Superior Township, Michigan
626. August 23, 2010: Michael Ford, 50, Livonia, Michigan
627. August 25, 2010: Eduardo Lopez-Hernandez, 21, Las Vegas, Nevada
628. August 31, 2010: King Ramses PJG Hoover, 27, Spanaway, Washington
629. September 4, 2010: Adam Collier, 25, Gold Bar, Washington
630. September 10, 2010: Larry Rubio, 20, Lemoore, California
631. September 12, 2010: Freddie Lee Lockett, 30, Dallas, Texas
632. September 16, 2010: Gary Lee Grossenbacher, 48, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
633. September 17, 2010: David Cornelius Smith, 28, Minneapolis, Minnesota
634. September 18, 2010: Joseph Frank Kennedy, 48, La Mirada, California
635. October 4, 2010: Javon Rakestrau, 28, Lafayette, Louisiana
636. October 7, 2010: Patrick Johnson, 18, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
637. October 10, 2010: Michael Ryan Bain, 31, Billings, Montana
638. October 14, 2010: Karreem A. Ali, 65, Montgomery County, Maryland
639. October 19, 2010: Troy Hooftallen, 36, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
640. November 4, 2010: Eugene Lamott Allen, 40, Wilmington, Delaware
641. November 4, 2010: Mark D. Shaver, 32, Kent, Ohio
642. November 6, 2010: Robert A. Neill Jr., 61, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
643. November 25, 2010: Rodney Green, 36, Waco, Texas
644. November 27, 2010: Blaine Terrell McElroy, 37, Jackson County, Mississippi
645. December 2, 2010: Clayton Early James, 45, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
646. December 11, 2010: Anthony Jones, 44, Las Vegas, Nevada
647. December 13, 2010: Linel Lormeus, 26, Naples, Florida
648 . December 18, 2010: Joseph Lucero, 38, Lancaster, California
649. December 21, 2010: Christopher Knight, 35, Brunswick, Georgia
650. December 31, 2010: Rodney Brown, 40, Cleveland, Ohio


In 2011, Taser International rolled out the new TASER X2, “the result of consulting with its customers about what they were seeking in a stun gun.”

651. January 5, 2011: Kelly Wayne Sinclair, 41, Amarillo, Texas
652. February 5, 2011: Robert Ricks, 23, Alexandria, Louisiana
653. February 24, 2011: Unidentified male, age unknown, Los Angeles, California
654. March 14, 2011: Christopher Davis, 36, Los Angeles, California
655. March 15, 2011: Brandon Bethea, 24, Harnett County, North Carolina
656. March 17, 2011: Christopher Apericio, 24, Las Cruces, New Mexico
657. March 20, 2011: Dale Lee Mitchell, 34, Pinellas Park, Florida
658. March 21, 2011: Jerry Perea, 38, Albuquerque, New Mexico
659. March 24, 2011: Johnny Leija, 34, Madill, Oklahoma
660. March 31, 2011: Estyl Lee Hall, 67, Pend Orielle, Oregon
661. April 3, 2011: Jairious McGhee, 23, Tampa, Florida
662. April 4, 2011: Demetrius Johnson, 38, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
663. April 9, 2011: Ervin Terrell Motley, 38, Forrest City, Arkansas
664. April 9, 2011: James Robert Hudson, 34, Whittier, California
665. April 13, 2011: Casey S. Babovec, age unknown, Saline County, Arkansas
666. April 21, 2011: Adam Spencer Johnson, 33, Orlando, Florida
667. April 23, 2011: Ronald H. Armstrong, 43, Pinehurst, North Carolina
668. April 25, 2011: Kevin Darius Cambell, 40, Tallahassee, Florida
669. May 1, 2011: Marcus Brown, 26, Waterbury, Connecticut
670. May 6, 2011: Daniel McDonnell, 40, West Babylon, New York
671. May 10, 2011: Allen Kephart, 43, Twin Peaks, California
672. May 16, 2011: Daniel Lynn Mittelstadt, age unknown, Boundary County, Idaho
673. May 18, 2011: Kirklin Woodridge, 29, Marrero, Louisiana
674. May 30, 2011: Michael Minick, 39, Nashville, Tennessee
675. June 1, 2011: Daniel Harry Russell, Appomattox County, Virginia
676. June 2, 2011: Duane Kevin Chapman, 44, Santa Barbara, California
677. June 6, 2011: James Doe, 31, Broward County, Florida
678. June 7, 2011: Russell Jess Arnold, Jr., Jefferson County, Colorado
679. June 13, 2011: Howard Hammon, 41, Middleburg Heights, Ohio
680. June 22, 2011: Otto Kolberg, 55, Waycross, Georgia
681. June 28, 2011: Delric Tyrone East, 40, Burtonsville, Maryland
682. June 29, 2011: Steven Hayes, 54, Nassau Bay, Texas
683. July 5, 2011: Alvaredo Flores-Bravo, 46, Marysville, California
684. July 5, 2011: Kelly Thomas, 37, Fullerton, California
685. July 9, 2001: Joshua Amir Nossoughi, 32, Springfield, Missouri
686. July 10, 2011: Matthew Kelley, 27, Tulsa, Oklahoma
687. July 18, 2011: Alonzo Ashley, 29, Denver, Colorado
688. July 20, 2011: Lareko Williams, 21, Charlotte, North Carolina
689. July 30, 2011: Donald Murray, 39, Westland, Michigan
690. August 3, 2011: Pierre Abernathy, 30, San Antonio, Texas
691. August 6, 2011: Gregory V. Kralovetz, 50, Kaukauna, Wisconsin
692. August 6, 2011: Everette Howard, 18, Cincinatti, Ohio
693. August 6, 2011, Debro Lamont Wilkerson, 29, Manassas, Virginia
694. August 11, 2011: Joseph Novoa Lopez, 49, Santa Barbara, California
695. August 17, 2011: Roger Chandler, 41, Great Falls, Montana
696. August 21, 2011: Montalito McKissick, 37, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
697. August 24, 2011: Michael Wade Evans, 56, Fayetteville, North Carolina
698. August 30, 2011: Nicholas Koscielniak, 27, Lancaster, New York
699. September 11, 2011: Tyree Edwards Sinclair, 31, Corpus Christi, Texas
700. September 13, 2011: Damon Barnett, 44, Fresno County, California
701. September 16, 2011: Richard Kokenos, 27, Warren, Michigan
702.  September 17, 2011:  Jason Moore, 31, Ferguson, Missouri
703. September 24, 2011: Donacio Rendon, 43, Lubbock, Texas
704. September 26, 2011: Gerald Hall, 34, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
705. September 24, 2011: Bradford T. Gibson, 36, Isabella County, Michigan
706. September 28, 2011: Howard Cooke, 30, York, Pennsylvania
707. October 4, 2011: Glenn D. Norman, 46, Osage Beach, Missouri
708. October 9, 2011: Darnell Hutchinson, 32, San Leandro, California
709. October 31, 2011: Chad Brothers, 32, Colonie, New York
710. November 13, 2011: Ronald Cristiano, 51, Bridgeport, Connecticut
711. November 13, 2011: Darrin Hanna, 45, Waukegan, Illinois
712. November 15, 2011: Jonathan White, 29, San Bernardino, California
713. November 15, 2011: Tucson Police Officer Henry Fung, 43, Tucson, Arizona
714. November 21, 2011: Roger Anthony, 61, Scotland Neck, North Carolina
715. December 20, 2011: Ernest Atencio, 44, Phoenix, Arizona
716. December 22, 2011: Wayne Michael Williams, 27, Houma, Louisiana
717. December 25, 2011: Micah Abbey, 33, Reno, Nevada
718. December 27, 2011: Michael Calvert, 25, Indianapolis, Indiana
719. December 28, 2011: Willie Banks, 52, Burnet, Texas


720. January 2, 2012: Mario Marin, 53, Santa Ana, California
721. January 15, 2012: Hutalio Serrano, 43, Colton, California
722. January 15, 2012: Daniel Guerra, 24, Fort Worth, Texas
723. January 24, 2012: Thomas Lumpkin, 57, Alamance County, North Carolina
724. February 13, 2012: Johnnie Kamahi Warren, 43, Dothan, Alabama
725. February 16, 2012: Charmin Bennett, 30, Donaldsville, Louisiana
726. February 29, 2012: Raymond Luther Allen, 34, Galveston, Texas
727. March 5, 2012: Nehemiah Lazar Dillard, 29, Gainesville, Florida
728. March 13, 2012: Jersey K. Green, 37, Aurora, Illinois
729. March 18, 2012: Michael Carbone, 46, Tuscon, Arizona
730. March 19, 2012: James Clifton Barnes, 37, Honeymoon Island, Florida
731. April 10, 2012: Bobby Louis Merrill III, 38, Saginaw, Michigan
732. April 13, 2012: Marland Anderson, 39, Los Angeles, California
733. April 13, 2012: Jeff Oatway, 34, Edmonton, Alberta
734. April 13, 2012: Joe Faltesek, 41, Houston, Texas
735. April 13, 2012: George Salgado, 21, Miami, Florida
736. April 21, 2012: Angel Hiraldo, 48, Meriden, Connecticut
737. April 23, 2012: Bruce Chrestensen, 52, Grass Valley, California
738. April 25, 2012: Kevin Benglan, 26, Pocatello, Idaho
739. May 1, 2012: Anton Butler, 28, Indianapolis, Indiana
740. May 1, 2012: Gregory Rachel, 42, Mobile, Alabama
741. May 10, 2012: Damon Abraham, 33, Lafayette, Louisiana
742. May 21, 2012: Alex Roman Quintanilla, 22, Barstow, California
743. May 31, 2012: Randulph Rodas, 35, Merced, California
744. June 9, 2012: Randolph Bonvilian, 41, Houma, Louisiana
745. June 9, 2012: Allen Nelson, 44, Salt Lake City, Utah
746. June 10, 2012:  Jerry Saude, 40, Modesto, California
747. June 12, 2012: Pamela McCarthy, 35, Oneida, New York
748. June 12, 2012: Scott Chappell, 44, Medford, Oregon
749. June 15, 2012: Khoa Ahn Le, 37, El Monte, California
750. June 20, 2012: Macadam Mason, 39, Thetford, Vermont
751. June 24, 2012: Stanley L. Downen, 77, Kalispell, Montana
752. June 30, 2012: Victor Duffy, 25, Seattle, Washington
753. July 1, 2012: Corey McGinnis, 35, Cincinatti, Ohio
754. July 4, 2012: Sampson Castellane, 29, Fife, Washington
755. July 27, 2012: George McEachen, 48, Parkton, North Carolina
756. July 27, 2012: Ralph Gamboa, 41, Chandler, Arizona
757. July 31, 2012:  Unidentified male, 38, Houston, Texas
758. August 15, 2012: Darren Burley, 30, Los Angeles
759. August 21, 2012: Jerry Nichols, 64, Bend, Oregon
760. August 24, 2012: David B. Dukes, 43, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
761. August 26, 2012:   Joseph Vavroski, 42, Medford, Oregon
762. September 1, 2012: Denis John Chabot, 37, Houston, Texas
763. September 5, 2012: Christopher Ladue, 23, Medford, Oregon
764. September 7, 2012: Alejandro Sanchez-Escoto, age unknown, Las Vegas, Nevada
765. September 10, 2012: Mike Chen, age unknown, Seattle, Washington
766. September 14, 2012:  Bill Williams, 60, Everett, Washington
767. September 17, 2012: Phillip McCue, 28, Bangor, Maine
768. September 25, 2012: Jay Coburn, 53, Oxford, Alabama
769. September 26, 2012:  Timothy C. Dennis, 43, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
770. October 1, 2012: Unidentified man, age unknown, Los Angeles, California
771. October 4, 2012: Travis Maupin, 32, Paola, Kansas
772. October 5, 2012: Scott Everett Wininger, 44, Redding, California
773. October 21, 2012: Anthony Lawson, 27, Norco, California
774. October 30, 2012: Derrick Birdow, 33, Forrest Hill, Texas
775. October 30, 2012: Donald Ray McCullough, 58, Martinez, California
776. November 13, 2012: Alton Cuyugan, 33, Vancouver, British Columbia
777. November 29, 2012: Robert Maurina, 46, West Allis, Wisconsin
778. November 30, 2012: Richard A. Metcalf Jr., 35, Buffalo, New York
779. December 13, 2012:  Philip O. Coleman, 38, Chicago, Illinois
780. December 15, 2012: Darryl L. Briston, 49, Washington, Pennsylvania
781. December 16, 2012: George S. Morris, 66, Norman, Oklahoma
782. December 22, 2012:  Kerwin Harris, 39, St. Louis, Missouri
783. December 25, 2012: Kevin Culp, 29, Benton County, Washington


784. January 1, 2013: Andrew Layton, 26, Mankato, Minnesota
785. January 4, 2013: Marcus Dewayne Slade, 32, Marshall, Texas
786. January 17, 2013:  Bruce Neil Thomson, 49, Logan, Utah
787. February 4, 2013: Cody Tyler, 34, Roswell, New Mexico
788. February 8, 2013:  Steven B. Mackenzie, 54, Flint, Michigan
789. February 16, 2013: Charles A. Baker Jr., 30, Jamestown, New York
790. March 3, 2013: Walter Ray McKelvey, 27, Canyonville, Oregon
791. March 21, 2013: Bobby Madewell Jr., 51, Longview, Texas
792. March 24, 2013: Khari Neville Illege, 25, Phenix City, Alabama
793. April 5, 2013: Mark Thomas Courtier, 50, Los Angeles, California
794. April 10, 2013: Thomas Sadler, 45, Raleigh, North Carolina
795. April 12, 2013: Rodney Evans, 42, Flint, Michigan
796. April 13, 2013: Anthony Firkins, 33, Nampa, Idaho
797. April 16, 2013: Carl Ballard, 29, Williamsburg County, South Carolina
798. April 19, 2013: Anthony Howard, 51, Gaithersburg, Maryland
799. May 2, 2013: Jayson L. Carmickle, 28, Salt Lake City, Utah
800. May 4, 2013: Linwood Lambert Jr. 46, South Boston, Virginia
801. May 16, 2013: Jenny Lynne Borelis, 28, Vancouver, Washington
802. May 16, 2013: Jermaine Darden, 34, Fort Worth, Texas
803. May 17, 2013: Guillermo Pablo Cedano, 44, Montebello, California
804. May 31, 2013: Joseph Moreno, 25, Mesa, Arizona
805. June 2, 2013: Guy Guthrie, 55, Conifer, Colorado
806. June 4, 2013: Vachel Howard, 56, Los Angeles, California
807. June 5, 2013: Hugo Raymond Barragan, 36, Fallbrook, California
808. June 7, 2013: Will Berger, 34, Spokane, Washington
809. June 8, 2013: Micah Keyes, 24, San Angelo, Texas
810. June 9, 2013: Noel Mendoza, 43, Meriden, Connecticut
811. June 9, 2013: Mark Koves, 28, Thornton, Illinois
812. June 17, 2013: Kevin L. Ellis, 45, Kansas City, Missouri
813. June 22, 2013: Gregory Allen Price, 56, Roseburg, Oregon
814. June 29, 2013: George Harvey, 39 Augusta, Georgia
815. July 9, 2013: Larry J. Trent, 54, Hazard, Kentucky
816. July 10, 2013: Gerald Altomare Jr., 30, St. Cloud, Florida
817. July 10, 2013: Walter Earl Pritchard, 44, Newland, North Carolina
818. July 11, 2013: Roy D. Barnhart Sr., 62, St. Louis, Illinois
819. July 11, 2013: Antonio Johnson, 40, Bridgeton, Missouri
820. July 21, 2013: Deomain Hayman, 38, Wilmington, Delaware
821. July 22, 2013: Thomas Martinez, 40, Coralville, Iowa
822. July 23, 2013: Jason Nails, 40, Waterville, Washington
823. July 24, 2013: Dainell Simmons, 29, Port Jefferson, New York
824. July 27, 2013: John Warna, 95, Oak Lawn, Illinois
825. July 29, 2013: Zheng Diao, 76, Minneapolis, Minnesota
826. August 2, 2013: Michael Angel Ruiz, 44, Phoenix, Arizona
827. August 4, 2013: Marc-Andre Fontaine, 27, Leduc, Alberta
828. August 6, 2013: Israel Hernandez-Llash, 18, Miami Beach, Florida
829. August 8, 2013: Jeffrey Lilly Jr., 33, Indianapolis, Indiana
830. August 12, 2013: Lucious Gaultney, 33, Centerville, Mississippi
831. August 13, 2013: Gary Roell, 59, Cincinnati, Ohio
832.  August 19, 2013:  Deundez Woods, 19, Madison County, Alabama
833. September 2, 2013: Norman Oosterbroek, 43, Miami Florida
834. September 3, 2013: Seth Victor, New Britain, Connecticut
835. September 3, 2013: Gary Beto, 52, East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania829.
836. September 22, 2013: Michael Lee Zubrod, 39, Northwood, Iowa
837. October 11, 2013: Raymond Johnson, 41, Moreno Valley, California
838. October 13, 2013: Brad Evans, 32, Starr, South Carolina
839. October 13, 2013: Fernando Gomez, 36, El Paso, Texas
840. October 20, 2013: Joshua Grose, York County, South Carolina
841. November 11, 2013: Donald Menard, 41, Montreal, Quebec
842. November 26, 2013: Ervin Edwards, 38, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
843. December 22, 2013: William Shirlaw, 54, New Port Richey, Florida


844. February 4, 2014: Randall Hatori, 39, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
845. February 5, 2014: Willie Sams, 21, Miami, Florida
846. February 27, 2014: Treon Johnson, 27, Hialeah, Florida
847. February 27, 2014: Maykel Antonio Barrera, 39, Miami, Florida
848. March 1, 2014: Unidentified Man, Age Unknown, Irving, Texas
849. April 11, 2014: Gregory Towns, Age Unknown, East Point, Georgia
850. April 13, 2014:  Jose Maldonado, 22, East Hartford, Connecticut
851. April 13, 2014: Edward Michael Caruth, 38, Phoenix, Arizona
852. April 23, 2014: Tyrone Davis, 43, Adams County, Mississippi
853. May 11, 2014: Ronald Hillstrom, 44, Tacoma, Washington
854. May 14, 2014: George Von King, 19, Baltimore, Maryland
855. May 14, 2014: Dominique Franklin Jr., 23, Chicago, Illinois
856. May 24, 2014: Carlos Ocana, 54, Los Angeles, California
857. June 4, 2014:  Unidentified Man, Burnaby, British Columbia
858. June 8, 2014: Daniel Best, 34, Gilbert, Arizona
859. June 26, 2014: Dominic Graffeo, 56, Everett, Massachusetts
860. July 5, 2014: Ennis Labaux, 37, LaPlace, Louisiana
861. July 8, 2014: Jose Franco, 25, San Antonio, Texas
862. July 12, 2014: Ronald Hewett, 50, New Hanover County, North Carolina
863. July 19, 2014: Francisco Rocha, 41, Chicago, Illinois
864. July 25, 2014: Timothy Rice, 33, Austin, Texas
865. August 5, 2014: Rondrickquiz Williams, 28, Smithfield, North Carolina
866. August 8, 2014: Jose Paulino Jr., 38, Tamaqua, Pennsylvania
867. August 12, 2014: Dante Parker, 36, Victorville, California
868. August 17, 2014: Levon Leroy Love, 44, San Antonio, Texas
869. August 17, 2014: Arvel Douglas Williams, 30, Baltimore, Maryland
870. August 24, 2014: Timothy Shad Griffis, 35, White Lake City, Florida
871. August 29, 2014: Michael John O'Connell, 44, Littlefield, Arizona
872. September 13, 2014: Ricky Deangelo Hinkle, 47, Jefferson County, Alabama
873. September 20, 2014: Daniel C. Satre, 43, Ballston Spa, New York
874. September 26, 2014: Unidentified male, Hermantown, Minnesota
875. September 28, 2014: Oliver Jarrod Gregoire, 26, Baytown, Texas
876. October 2, 2014: Michael Daryle Rose, 49, Flagstaff, Arizona
877. October 4, 2014: Lashano J. Gilbert, 31, New London, Connecticut
878. October 6, 2014: Iretha Lilly, 37, Waco, Texas
879. October 6, 2014: Balantine Mbegbu, Phoenix, Arizona
880. October 7, 2014: Daniel Tyson, 30, Hollywood, California
881. October 13, 2014: Marcario Garcia, 54, Jourdantown, Texas
882. October 31, 2014: Jaime Garcia, 35, Salinas, California
883. November 23, 2014: Jennifer Bond, Crittenden, Kentucky
884. November 26, 2014: Daniel Cedar Saulsbury, 39, Point Arena, California
885. December 2, 2014: William Mark Jones, 50, Lumberton, North Carolina
886. December 9, 2014:  Michael Joe Landis, 59, Conroe, Texas
887. December 18, 2014:  Cody Robert Healey, 28, Pensacola, Florida
888. December 24, 2014:  Francisco Cesena, 40, San Ysidro, California
889. December 31, 2014:  Ramson James Dennard Jr., 21, Jacksonville, Florida


890. January 1, 2015: Roberto Fausto Ornelas, 18, Miami-Dade, Florida
891. January 1, 2015: Matthew Ajibade, 21, Chatham County, Georgia
892. January 5, 2015: Richard L. Miller, 66, Manor Township, Pennsylvania
893. January 6, 2015: Brian Pickett, 26, Willowbrook, California
894. January 14, 2015: Andre Larone Murphy, 42, Norfolk, Nebraska
895 January 18, 2015: Sinthanouxay Khottavongsa, 57, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
896 February 8, 2015: Natasha McKenna, 37, Fairfax County, Virginia
897. February 9, 2015:  Kevin Seiji Mukuyama, 42, Chilliwack, British Columbia
898. February 15, 2015: Chance Dale Thompson, 35, Yuba County, California
899. February 20, 2015: Terry Price, 41, Osage County, Oklahoma
900. February 24, 2015:  Calvon Andreleus Reid, 39, Coconut Creek, Florida
901. March 1, 2015: Darrell Gatewood, 47, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
902. March 6, 2015:  Chance Tony Ross, 34, Sulphur Springs, Texas
903.March 6, 2015: James Sizer, 62, Austin, Texas|
904. March 11, 2015: Terrence Moxley, 29, Mansfield, Ohio
905. March 15, 2015: David Werblow, 31, Branford, Connecticut
906. March 16, 2015: Sheldon Haleck, 38, Honolulu, Hawaii
907. March 17, 2015: Askari Roberts, 38, Rome, Georgia
908. March 27, 2015: Gregory Smith, 39, Merriville, Indiana
909. March 30, 2015: Dominick Ray Wise, 30, Culpeper, Virginia
910. April 2, 2015: Eric Harris, 44, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
911. April 2, 2015: Donald Ivy, 39, Albany, New York
912. April 4, 2015: William J. Dick III, 28, Tonasket, Washington
913. April 4, 2015: David Cody Lynch, 33, Warner, Oklahoma
914. April 8, 2015: Michael Lemon, 57, Lake Isabella, California
915. April 16, 2015: David Kapuscinski, 39, Gibraltar, Michigan
916. April 19, 2015: Norman Cooper, 33, San Antonio, Texas
917. April 21, 2015: Steven Davenport, 40, Lauderdale County, Mississippi
918. April 24, 2015: Darrell Lawrence Brown, 31, Hagerstown, Maryland
919. May 8, 2015: John Kaafi, 33, Sarasota, Florida
920. May 9, 2015: Martin Bayless, 66, Burlingame, Kansas
921. May 10, 2015: Michael Gallagher, 55, Enfield, North Carolina
922. May 12, 2015: Dajuan Graham, 40, Silver Spring, Maryland
923. May 25, 2015: Thomas Duffy, 52, Catasauqua, Pennsylvania
924. May 27, 2015: Randall Torrence, 34, Kansas City, Kansas
925. May 29, 2015: Billy J. Collins, 56, Louisa, Kentucky
926. May 31, 2015: Richard Gregory Davis, 50, Rochester, New York
927. June 8, 2015: Mario Ocasio, 51, Bronx, New York
928. June 8, 2015: Ross Anthony, 25, Dallas, Texas
929. June 20, 2015: Kevin Bajoie, 32, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
930. July 5, 2015: Maximo Rabasa, 52, Miami, Florida
931. July 12, 2015: George Mann, 35, Gwinnett County, Georgia
932. July 13, 2015: Shane Gormley, 30, Ogden, Utah
933. July 30, 2015: Wilmer Delgado-Soba, 38, Worcester, Massachusetts
934. August 6, 2015: Troy Robinson, 33, Atlanta, Georgia
935. August 7, 2015: Matthew Russo, 26, Hartford, Connecticut
936. August 15, 2015: Oscar Ruiz, 44, Baldwin Park, California
937. August 21, 2015: Marc Kaplan, 57, Scottsdale, Arizona
938. August 31, 2015: Nicholas Dyksma, 18, Harris County, Georgia
939. August 31, 2015: James Carney III, 48, Cincinnati, Ohio
940. September 5, 2015: Lucas Markus, 33, Reading, Pennsylvania
941. September 5, 2015: Manuel Ornelas, 47, Long Beach, California
942. September 10, 2015: Jordn Miller, 24, Springfield, Ohio
943. October 18, 2015: Danny Hammond, 50, St. Cloud, Minnesota
944. October 20, 2015: Kenneth Schick, 48, Topeka, Kansas
945. October 21, 2015: Mario Perdigone, 36, Corpus Christi, Texas
946. October 26, 2015: Omar Lopez, 24, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
948. November 7, 2015: Rodrigo Gonzales, 43, Toronto, Ontario
949. November 20, 2015: Chase Alan Sherman, 32, Coweta County, Georgia
950. November 29, 2015: DeOntre L. Dorsay, 32, Charles County, Maryland
951. November 30, 2015: Joseph Seguin, 38, Putnam County, New York
952. December 7, 2015: Marcel Moisan, 49, Edmonton, Alberta
953. December 8, 2015: Jeremias Jose Fred, 34, Dorado, Puerto Rico
954. December 21, 2015: Alfredo Barrientos, 47, Laredo, Texas


955. January 9, 2016: Lionel Waters, 35, Milford, Delaware
956. February 3, 2016: Randy Joe Nelson, 49, Athens, Alabama
957. March 3, 2016:  Alex Thompson, 37, Selma, North Carolina
958. March 7, 2016: Jose Cordoba, 28, Stockton, California
959. March 12, 2016: Michael Roll, 52, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Cold cases

June 5, 2010: Stephen Hill, 34, San Fernando Valley, California
Police try to talk distraught man with sword off 50 ft cliff. He is tasered and jumps or falls.

February 25, 2012: Jerome Harrell, 22, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Previous cold cases have been inserted and renumbered, these are ones found late last year.

Angela Valdez, 1988 (California Department of Corrections)
Hannah Rogers-Grippi, 6 month fetus, December 15, 2001 (Chula Vista, California)
Madeline Cunningham, 2010 (Terrabonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana)


Kate said...

Your work in compiling this list has been tremendous. Thank you for publishing it.
I have spend about 100 hours trying to find death cases by Internet search, starting with the lists to 2005, and traced many of them, including a small number you don't have. One of these is Scott Norberg, 1996. Search for http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/1999-04-15/news/murder-on-madison-the-norberg-remix/
"A judge ruled in favor of Manning's client, affirming the man had been killed after jail guards stunned him 13 times with a Taser and kicked him in his larynx.

The man's family won $8.25 million, Manning said, the highest wrongful-death settlement in Arizona's history."

Anonymous said...

Good work on the list. Not to be nit-picky but Michael Todd Gleim was from Milford, Ohio -- not Connecticut. He died in police (Hamilton County/Cincinnati Ohio) custody being transported from one jail cell to another.

Kate said...

Here are the taser-related deaths I have that I think are not on your list. I've been combing throuh jail deaths and lawsuits.

Several cases in which tasing was incidental to a shooting death are not included

June 1, 1996: Scott Norberg, 32, Maricopa County, Arizona Tased in jail beating death.
April 16, 2003: Corey Calvin Clark, 33, Amarillo, Texas Shot 2x then tasered 5x because still fighting
June 16, 2004: Abel Ortega Perez, 36, Austin, Texas “tasered seveal times and later died” Case was discovered by researchers in a routine usage report, not reported in press.
January 7, 2006: Carlos Claros Castro, 28, Davidson City, North Carolina Multi tased during jail beating.
January 16, 2006: Shmekia Lewis (female), 24, Beaumont, Texas Tasered during arrest and again while being put in a jail restraint chair where she died.
February 6, 2006: Jessie Williams Jr., 40, Harrison County, Mississippi Tased in jail beating death
April 18, 2006: Richard McKinnon, 52, Cumberland County, North Carolina Taser ignited accidentally spilled gasoline October 19, 2005. Died from the burns 6 months later, possibly never left hospital.
July 20, 2006: Mark McCullaugh, 28, Akron, Ohio Coroner says jail homicide by “mechanical, chemical and electrical restraint”.
October 22, 2006: Jordan Case, 20, Tualatin, Oregon Tased 12x, beanbag 9x, then shot 4x
June 19, 2007: Juan Flores Lopez: 47, San Angelo, Texas Doused self with gasoline in front of police, then was ignited by taser.

Graph at Excited-Delirium.com said...

I've made a graph of taser-associated deaths per month versus particular month (Year-Month) based on this list.

Link = http://www.Excited-Delirium.com/2008/04/trend-is-there-problem.html

There's a definite step function starting post-2003.

Anonymous said...

Could you please list your sources? Are you going by what was determined by a medical examiner as cause of death or just an account of a person dying at some point after being tasered? You need to list where you got your information.

Reality Chick said...

The preamble to the list describes how the names have been gathered. These are all people who have died after they were tasered.

Kate said...

Here's another death from 2005.
April 24 2005: Jesse Colter, 31, Phoenix, Arizona. E. D. type who had open heart surgery 6 months before.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked: "...determined by a medical examiner as cause of death...?"

Okay, let's lay it out:

Taser has cultivated close relationships with many leading coroners and medical examiners. They sponsor almost-'captive' organizations that sponsor nice seminars in pleasant locations. They pay for coroners to attend. They're deeply involved in the coroner and ME business. Skeptics might find this cozy Taser+Coroners relationship very suspicious.

Would you eat ice cream from an ice cream company that was this friendly with coroners and medical examiners? I certainly wouldn't.

If you ask many coroners, they'd tell you flat out that tasers are perfectly safe (because Taser told them so, and Taser wouldn't lie, would they?). Some skeptics might use the word brainwashed. Taser has had quite the head start in this.

Many of these coroners have been told that the various tasers emit only about 2 mA ("average"), but I'll bet most don't realize that the M26 emits 162 mA RMS and the X26 emits 151 mA RMS. The industry standard method to measure electrical waveforms is RMS (like your household power is 120 volts RMS).

I'll put it out again because it's important:

Taser M26 is 162 mA RMS
Taser X26 is 151 mA RMS

These RMS values, which appeared on earlier revisions of their specification sheets, have been curiously expunged from the later revisions.


Taser sues coroners that have found that the taser was a contributing factor. They're in court this week in fact.

There are other coroners that list everything (EVERYTHING!) except (!) the taser. Amazing!!! Why? Well, see above. And see below too.

The taser leaves zero internal footprints. There is no physical evidence. This 'proof issue' is a huge problem for opponents of Taser. It's as if Taser has invented a magic electric rifle that can take down victims (and possibly stop their heart) without leaving a sign.

But to claim that the taser is perfectly safe in the face of such numbers is an insane position.

If Taser was honest, they would provide a numerical risk value. The number will not be zero. I've never seen such a number. Even Boeing has to submit a thick report showing their estimated risk for the wings falling off (etc.).

Look for my post "Looking for 'proof' in all the wrong places" on my blog www.Excited-Delirium.com for further discussion on this issue.

Perhaps the standard for proof should be that someone died and there were all those little Taser serial number tags found scattered around at the scene. At least it is strong evidence that the taser is a possible contributing factor to the death.

It's naive to exclude the taser as a possible contributing factor because Taser told them so.

And when you see the ethical missteps associated with Taser, you wouldn't thrust them as far as you could throw them.

Reality Chick said...

Congratulations on your website- it is definitely the best I have seen on this cirical issue.

I have another (probably my last) set of six names to offer- these from searching "in custody deaths". However, I have tried a on couple of different days to submit them as another comment to your list, and am unable to do so- the last response was that my browser is blocked. So, in the interest of completeness, I will pass the message this way, for you do do with as you wish.
Six more names April 28/08

From http://stolenlives.org/read/index.php?action=show§ion=area_los_angeles.xml&display=LOS+ANGELES&area=19

April 11 1985, Cornelius Garland Smith, 35, Los Angeles, California
A break-dancing black man high on PCP may be the first North American post-tasing death.

March 9 1993, Michael Bryant, 35, Los Angeles, California

From other Google sources:

January 10, 2005, Jerry Moreno, 33, Los Angeles, California Jail death

January 29, 2006 Benites Sichero, 39, Spokane County, Washington Jail death

March 18, 2006, Cedric Davis, 26, Merced County,, California Jail death

September 4, 2006, Jesus Mejia, 33, Los Angeles, California

and from From Amnesty International report AMR 51/030/2006, these identifications:

June 4 2005, the unidentified man's name is Ravan Conston, 33

June 29, 2005, the unidentified man's name is Pharoah Knight, 33

Probably over 90% of the list is findable by Internet search, but some searches are indirect and slow. I think this may be the last set of names from the past that I will find.

Thank you Kate for the names you have added to this list. I haven't added them into the master list yet because of the time that will take. But I hope to do so at some point. In the meantime, I greatly appreciate your posting them here. At least they're "with" the list. Reality Chick

fivehusbands said...

I found your site after Kevin Piskura's death. You are doing a tremendous job. Just last week TASER succeeded in silencing a coroner when a Judge ruled that findings relating death to tasering had to be removed from autopsy findings.


Also my son told me a 9 year old boy in Painesville Ohio died after being tasered - I can't find any record of this and wonder if anyone has information.

Tina said...

First I must say THANK YOU for doing this list. I hope that it will make a difference. My brother was Todd Gleim who died Oct. 23, 2006 after being tased while in custody at the Hamilton Judicial Center in Cincinnati, Oh. The cornors report lists his cause of death as excited delirium -whatever that is supposed to mean. To the best of my knowledge Todd was tased 3 times and died in custody not at the hospital. He was already dead by the time they got him there. I saw it on the tapes that were released by the Justice Center. The problem for people who have lost loved ones this way is trying to prove that the cause of death was do to being tased. It is almost impossible to fight the police and win.

I also would like to add my thoughts and prayers to everyone who has lost a loved one this way.

Tina in PA

Anonymous said...

What can we do to prevent this??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for makeing this list. I am a brother of one of those deaths and people need to see how many deaths the taser cuesed.

webmaster at TaserTimes said...

Kudos to you for compiling that massive list. I can appreciate how much effort you put into it.

It is staggering how many deaths are attributed to the use of the Taser, and yet they are still in use by law enforcement.

javar gerald said...

Thanks for posting those notes, I am the son of one of those taser victims, I was the first person contacted after the incident and after it, the police gave a laugh and said he(Richard McKinnon) caught on fire. Then when they told his sister what happened they intentionally left out the fact he had been tasered. The Dr. Sais he couldnt had ran from the taser Because he had a broke leg, neck,rib, and hip and it was impossible. He also said the burns were to severe that he had to be burning for a while to take that amount. So i agree that they should be outlawed

Rodney Fisk said...


I noticed your list and I wish to comment on #61. Demetrius Tillman Nelson died during the same incident in which a taser was used on him. His actual cause of death was cocaine induced delirium. I'm not sure if that would warrant removal from your list, but I thought I would comment.

Tasers were used five times on him, but he sat for several minutes in irons before going into arrest. He was full of cocaine and I'm almost sure that in this case the taser was not the cause of death.

These things are tested on cops and company engineers all the time. When people are being violent, what are the police supposed to do. Granted, anything can be abused in the wrong hands.

Anonymous said...

Hi #156 on your list (Jose M.Perez) is my stepdad, i was at the house when he had been tasered and just want to say thank you for putting this list together. A lot of websites thank link to these deaths will not let you know the whole story after what happened, they always want to make the police look like they did nothing wrong when in reality thery're killing people. Yes i know that tasers are suppose to keep us "safe" and are tested on police to show how "safe and harmless" they are but Jose was tasered 21 times, had a fractured neck, and lost a number of teeth. All the police that were also involved are still working for the San Leandro Police Department after 3 years of the incident. Now, how safe is that?

Anonymous said...

Vardan Kasilyan, 29, Las Vegas, Nevada - died September 30, 2006. Medical examiner Dr. Gary Telgenhoff testified that Vardan
Kasilyan died by choking on his own vomit. He said contributing
factors were Kasilyan's use of methamphetamine and cocaine a short
time before the incident, the mental illness and the use of the Taser.

Sunny said...

I found it interesting that 68 deaths (17.6%) on your list were in California. New York had 9, Canada 19, and Texas had 23. Has anyone researched this?

Excited-Delirium.com said...

Rodney Fisk wrote: "These things are tested on cops and company engineers all the time."

Mr. Fisk, have you noticed that when the tasers are 'tested' on police officers (usually during their so-called training) that the taser barbs or probes are almost always placed or shot into the back, and VIRTUALLY NEVER to the chest?

You see the same thing in all the soft-news propaganda so-called news stories showing the 'brave' trainee taking the hit in the BACK, never the chest.

Now why would that be?

If they were concerned about the probes landing in the face, then they could simply wear a face mask like the sort used when operating a chainsaw (about $20).

Perhaps they're simply trying to hope nobody notices the subtle difference between back and chest.

In this way they can manufacture 'evidence' of their product's 'safety' by sheer weight of numbers of these FAKED so-called tests.

"Denominator washing" is my term for the practice.

If they're really confident about the safety of tasers, then have the trainees don a face mask and turn around.

Until they do, then they are nothing more than chicken-shit cowards and con artists using cheap stage tricks.

And it would be best if we-the-public paid enough attention to notice such slippery details.

Anonymous said...

I voluntarily took a full on Taser shot to the chest and I'm fine today. In fact, the whole argument of the difference between your front or back getting hit is laughable. The electricity flows through the area BETWEEN where the barbs are. My heart was DIRECTLY between the barbs. Here is a hint for people that want to know how to reduce Taser deaths: STOP FIGHTING WITH THE POLICE! Before Taser most officers would either have to use baton, fists, knees, kicks, or elbows. Now if you ask me, I'd rather have a 5 second ride on Taser any day if my options are the former.

Taser is a revolutionary tool that has SAVED more lives than it has taken. I know from experience.

Anonymous said...

My Uncle was Garrett Jones, thank you for adding him to your site, taser they can save lifes maybe if used right but when you hit a person a number of times with a taser then follow up with a physical altercation and repeated hitting u cant really say it was stirctly taser death.

Anonymous said...

The death of Garrett Jones was tragic and must be classified as murder in the first degree committed by law enforcement officials. Why? He was "GIVING UP" and pleaded for the cops to stop beating him. Witnesses also told the cops to "STOP OR YOU GONNA KILL HIM!!!" But they continued to beat him to death with what appeared to be their PR-24 Side Handle Baton, after the tazers were used. The involved deputies' supervising staff also stated to the press that "He (Garrett Jones) sufferred a 'CARDIAC ARREST'..." What more could be said that "Tazers" were part of contribution to Garrett's death? I haven't heard of any case of beating that resulting in cardiac arrest (heart attack). The tazers that were used caused the heart attack on Garrett and the cops used their PR-24s to finished the execution of Garrett Jones. It is a cold blooded and calculated act with the use of tazers in this case, which these cops' department allows them to use on their own discressions!!! How long since Garrett Jones stopped breathing before the cops realized that he (Garrett) was not breathing and ceased their assault upon him with their PR-24s? What caused them to look around after they completed the act of murder? Did they then realized that they took someone's life at their own discression with the use of tazer and PR-24s?

qnunc said...

Anon @8:11: Taser is a revolutionary tool that has SAVED more lives than it has taken. I know from experience.

Please provide the names of five people whose lives were saved. Or three. Or one.

Excited-Delirium.com said...

"I voluntarily took a full on taser shot to the chest and I'm fine today."

No brain damage then?

Seriously, no reasonable person is claiming that the taser is 100% lethal. It obviously isn't. But it has been termed a street level death lottery. The raw data from the street indicates that there is a low-end-single-digit chance of purely-coincidental taser-associated death when the darts hit the chest.

The FACT that virtually ALL taser training hits are taken to the BACK is clear-cut evidence that they're concerned about something. Example here and there prove nothing. Change the taser training to take the demo hits in the chest 100% of the time and let it run for a year and then (perhaps) I'll take your point more seriously.

But I'd actually expect that Taser would put in increased emphasis for aiming lower on the torso.

Until these changes are made - taser training hits to the back are FAKE.

And they're obviously scared of SOMETHING...

Anonymous said...

My brother is listed on this page #341 Dewayne Chatt.My family really apprecaites you adding our loved one to your site. He was tased 7 times by 5 West Memphis police officers.He recieved no medical attention, they carried him to a jail ceil were he died 30 minutes later.No action was taken against the officers.Police officers around the United States are out of control with these devices.Something has got to be done about this, death by tasers are increasing every month and the age group is getting younger.I think the police are worst than gang bangers now.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so many people that need to be placed in the shoes of a police officer are posting on this site. To the person that wants a list of names of people whose lives have been saved by the tazer, you can list any of the police officers that used the tazer or the person that they tazed because without the tazer they may have been shot. I was present when a man was tazed (I'm not a police officer) and had he not been tazed he would be dead. The only thing that I had to do was pull 2 tazer barbs out of his leg and hip, without the tazer I would have been doing CPR. It also doesn't matter whether you get tazed in the front or the back, as a paramedic we apply the defibrillation patches to a persons back in some cases because they'll be more effective. Go to the police academy and sit in on the tazer training and you will see that it isn't taken lightly and the training is extensive. Take some time to look up most of these tazer deaths and you will see that either they needed to be shot (non-compliance with orders) or they had drugs in their system, in either case the death was earned.

Anonymous said...

The guy above me said it all. I was also present at the time of a tesering. The guy was drunk and went for the cops gun and another cop present shot him with a taser. The guy that was tasered passed out and they just cuffed him and several minutes later he was completely ok. The two cops, the suspect, and about 5 other people, including myself, were all saved thanks to this amazing tool. The cop had all the right in the world to shoot the guy but rather he had the taser which saved all of our lives.

Veteran4Truth said...

Anonymous climing to be a Paramedic posting on 13 April 09 11:36 PM....."It also doesn't matter whether you get tazed in the front or the back, as a paramedic we apply the defibrillation patches to a persons back in some cases because they'll be more effective." 1. To tell the WHOLE truth, actually one patch goes over or in the vicinity of the sternum (chest) and the other in the mid-axillary (or possibly back ...Therefore, the current runs thru the chest (thus cardiac muscle), not left to right across the back as in the case of 2 Taser barbs in the back. So that point was a waste of space...2.The defibrillator is a coordinated electroshock device designed to cardiovert SVT or convert ventricular fibrillation from uncoordinated "cardiac muscle seizure" (fibrillation) to coordinated muscle pumping action. The Taser is a manually operated device and just like any other uncontrolled electrical surge in the body, when it takes the pathway of least resistance and that pathway happens to involve the cardial muscle/electrical pacemaking system whether by quirk, accident, or design then the same thing will happen whether house current or Taser current...

".... in either case the death was earned." REALLY??!! and your reason for becoming a Paramedic was??? Compassion? 'Doing no harm'? Helping the helpless? Serving ANY in the community that are in need of Emergency Medical Service? Seemingly NOT! I believe in capital punishment but only after judge, jury, conviction and review of the case, thoroughly. So in your opinion if there is a disagreement between law enforcement and an otherwise cooperative subject, rather than first utilize more professional techniques (which are also taught in the academy)it is justifiable for them to just jump straight to bully mode and if pushing and shoving usually 2-3 on one doesn't do it, and being atop the handcuffed subject doens't do it then the suspect has "earned" capital punishment on the street without judge, jury, or conviction?? GOOD CALL - Please, let us all know where you Paramedic so we can avoid calling for
EMS when in your coverage area!! With a caring attitude like yours, I say 'no, thanks' I think I will just take my chances and drive on to the next EMS coverage area.

Just to clarify...I am a Combat Veteran (Medic)in addition to 25+ years as a civilian medic and 3 years as a firefighter/medic. Additionally I am a certified Tactical Medic (SWAT Team Medic). I know a little about what I speak of..... V4T

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your very educational comment SWAT Medic VRT. Unfortunately, it is a fight that we may get tired of fighting. We wil fall BUT, need to get back up. This mildly explains what I feel now in our fight for my Paul's rights! My husband Paul J. Swider (29 yrs. old) also died shortly after he was tasered on May 6, 2008 in Hammond Indiana. Please add his name to the LONG list of victims who are no longer with us and can no longer fight the legal and "coroner" beaurocracies for themselves! Unfortunately, all of these people had wonderful families who miss them so much and have to fill the void of their absence as I will have to do with our little boy who is only 3 yrs. old. He misses his VERY loving daddy EVERYDAY!!! Ignorant and uneducated comments are not appreciated!

Villager said...

I see that we have had about 19 taser deaths in the USA in CY-2009. I wonder if the majority of these deaths were of Black people?

Anonymous said...

19th century law and order is alive and well in Nashville tenn.,Only problem its the 21st century and the gun slinging pain inflicting has gone electronic with the taser.In the caseof Patrick Lee {#153), the police appeared to be too lazy and too fat {one cop was oushing 350lbs-brooks}as at least 10 cops had pat surrounded in side an enclosed parking lot not much bigger than a tennis court just simply tased him to death tasing him 19 times.The assasins officers skruggs and mays{the taser operators and killer # 3 ofc Creegan whoo asphxiated him kneeling on Pat for at least 12 min. by the way the judge decided to let Taser off the suit altogether,though taser still sent their "ExpertS" including Dr.Ho 9taser "ho")who recieves maassive amounts of money to defend taser in Litigation and Bias in his research is obvious ,! example the test for acidosis is done by checking the lactic acid cont immediatley before the tase ,immediatley after and 16 hours later-in that the acid ct . doubled but obviously 16 hours later was gone. Why wernt blood samples taken 30 min later ,1hour later,2 hours later?? answer it is to damning to Taser.It is not acceptable for the police to police themselves nor taser to monitor themselves -ea have a bias that has allowedthem to kill over $00 people We lost the case in Davison cty but will appealand tghis time we wont let Taser off the hook
Family of Pat Lee

junya said...

Thanks you for all your valuable efforts, particularly the somber task of maintaining this list of deaths following Taser shock.

One small point re Derrick Jones of Martinsville: all sources I've seen give the date of death as Jan.8, not Jan.9 as listed here.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I want to comment on the Anonymous post from April 13th, 2009 from I believe an EMT. Your last sentence is disturbing - "...in either case the death was earned." How can you say such a thing. My brother is one of the people listed on the list and I can tell you that is death was not earned!! Yes he was drunk and probably did not listen to the orders from the police, but he had a weak heart and I saw the video from the Judicial Center... let me say he was not deserving. When he clasped on the floor he was first tackeled and restrained while unconcious (already dead). Litterly you watch him die while the police stood there. Again - not deserving.

Anonymous said...

so for you pro taser guys, I guess it comes down the Devils arithmetic; how many deaths are "justifiable" vs. "genocidal", huh?
and dont get me wrong; you should listen to cops (within reason) if they ask you to do something; especially if its clear you broke the law.

the problem with a taser is that its not listed a weapon of "deadly" force so the cops keep pulling the triggers over and over again.
sending too many volts through a person.

to the guys that say "how come some are ok then? not all die!"


we are all different in that respect; nobody "knows" their limits until sadly its too late. some people that are tased cant handle it. especially when 3 cops tase you at once.

I can understand Law Enforcement's argument about it "saving lives". I truly do.

but its a logical fallacy and its NOT proven.

Tasers are doing more harm than good.
and I cant accept that the people that died in the above list were all "bad apples" nor do I accept they are acceptable "collateral damange".

Anonymous said...

I have 1 more name for your list. It is Chance W. Shrum, 20 years old, Died May 15, 2007, Iola, KS.

Thank you for the information available through your website.

Kardinal said...

You want to know who has been saved by the use of Tasers?

Look up anyone who was wielding a knife who was tased. There are two in the newsroll on the right. The alternative the police had to tasing them...was shooting them. Those people are likely alive today because of tasers.

Anonymous said...

Now compare that number, 412 to how many who have been killed by having to retain a suspect by hand or using mace. Take alook at the number of police killed that didn't have a taser that wouldn't have if they did. 412 death's wouldn't make a percent of that number. The taser is the safest way to control a suspect, and until something better comes along it's the best. Unless you prefer mace which has killed way more people than that, or maybe when someone doesn't comply... you think the police should just let em go. So What you killed, robbed, are driving drunk, and might really hurt someone who is innocent they should just let you go right? 95 percent of these people are victims of there on cause. Remember these people did something to get tased, and if they didn't that is a whole nother issue. Those cops should be handled for what they did, not the blame placed on a life saving tool. Look at the number of suspect deaths since the use of the taser it has dropped 42% over the first 5 years that makes something like 3425 less deaths over that period. Thats incredible

derek lee oliver said...

Let's stop tasers!

Anonymous said...

My friend Derek Kairney(who is on the list)was holding a knife while he was sheet rocking his basement. The cops who ilegally entered his home tasered him and he fell on the knife killing himself. This is what the cops say happened. The real story will probably never be known.

Excited-Delirium.com said...

Those that object to this list are missing the point.

Taser International claims that that taser is safe with respect to internal risk factors such as cardiac effects. They still maintain there is zero causal connection to any death from internal risk factors.

Their viewpoint has now been shredded six-ways-from-Sunday. Taser use carries risk of death (denied by Taser Int'l), and tasers can cause death (denied by Taser Int'l).

Their steadfast denials makes them heavily liable for failure to warn. For many of these hundreds of deaths. Their denial of the risk increase the usage, and thereby increases the risk.

Maybe there is some mythical planet where tasers do more good than harm, but if you have an ethical bone in your body you would weight the circumstances appropriately and see that tasers do more harm than good.

Tasers are used about 100 times more often than police ever used their guns, and rate of gun fire is increased or unchanged anyway according to a large study).

Killing people that did nothing to deserve death isn't justified by saving those that perhaps deserve a lethal response. Bad karma.

Taser's pathetic lies about safety have been officially rejected, and severe restrictions are being put into place.

Them's the facts.

If you don't get it, then I'm sorry. Perhaps the arguments are too subtle for you. Perhaps you're still brainwashed. Perhaps you need to explain the taser's "Curious Temporal Asymmetry". Perhaps you need to answer the 2008 Taser Glowing Cigarette challenge on torture.

b fern said...

Thank you for putting this list together.

Those who defend Tasers see what they want to see. Being drunk, on drugs or not following orders should never be a death sentence. RCMP taser use has done more to ruin their reputation than anything else in the last 100 years.

Anonymous said...

Since Tasers kill, then explain why every cop that carries a taser gets tasered during training and not one of them has died?

Anonymous said...

Wow, some open forum, comments have to be approved to be posted...seems shady.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and idiots, tasers are not to be used in deadly force situations, that is what guns are for. If you take a taser to a gun fight, then you got whats coming to you.

Anonymous said...

I believe there was a tazer death in liberal, Kansas in late 2007 or 2008 but i didnt see it on the list. Ill continue searching and try to get the information so you can add it.

Anonymous said...

Another death following use of a Taser:

Yuceff W. Young, II, died in Brooklyn, OH, on Sept. 19, 2009, in a crash of the car he was driving after a Linndale police officer had shocked him with a Taser. News reports describe Mr. Young as being from Brook Park, OH.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Your list currently shows Manuel Dante Dent as dying on Aug. 26, 2009 [No. 442] but this is the date he was shocked with a Taser; he died on the 27th.

There WAS a death in California on Aug. 26, 2009; news reports said a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy shocked a man in the subway [North Hollywood, Red Line] when he didn't respond to the deputy's questions, but the man collapsed and promptly died. No further news stories about this death were forthcoming; the Coroner's Office identified him as Miguel Molina, a 27-year-old Hispanic man.

Anonymous said...

This is s reply to the following question: "Since Tasers kill, then explain why every cop that carries a taser gets tasered during training and not one of them has died?"

Law enforcement officers who are shocked with a Taser during training are never shocked for more than 5 seconds, and some are shocked for only 2 seconds.

There have been only a handful of in-custody deaths where the person was shocked with a Taser for no more than 5 seconds, as law enforcement personnel are during their training.

Paracelsus, in the 1600s, said (loosely translated into English): "The dose makes the poison." This concept is the foundation of toxicology: what determines whether something is poisonous or not is HOW MUCH of it gets into the body. For a Taser, the duration of the shock is a measure of the dose. A very small "Taser dose" will not kill, whereas larger ones can and do kill. The people doing Taser training are always careful to ensure that their students get a very small Taser dose that they can easily survive. Then the poorly trained officer goes out and shocks a member of the public however many times he wants to, and some of them die, while others survive with some degree of permanent injury (and many are lucky enough to survive without any apparent permanent injury).

If every cop delivered just one 5-second Taser shock to each member of the public, the number of in-custody deaths following use of a Taser would drop dramatically.

By the way, even one 5-second Taser shock can be lethal to a person in certain situations. A properly designed training course would make officers aware of situations when a Taser should NOT be used on a person.

In summary, all these "Taser deaths" are occurring because law enforcement has NOT been PROPERLY trained in the SAFE use of an electroshock weapon.

I hope this answers the question.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there WAS a Taser death in Liberal, Kansas, that is not currently on the list. Liberal police took Juan (John) Soto, Jr. into custody on Aug. 20, 2006, using a Taser--and he died.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked how many "Taser deaths" of black people had ocurred in 2009. Using a different list as my reference, I counted 44 deaths to date in 2009; 10 were identified as white, 14 as black, 5 as Hispanic ethnicity, and 15 were not identified as to race or ethnicity.

Reality Chick said...

I show Juan Soto as having died on September 1, 2006. Aure you sure that he died on August 20, 2006?

Anonymous said...

Excellent work on the list and letting people know how deadly tasers really are.

The Pittsburgh police just used a sound canon on G20 protesters that can cause eardrum damage and fatal aneurysms.

Militaristic policing servers only the interests of the weapons and "security" industry, increases violent confrontation and makes us all less safe and less free.

Rodney Fisk sounds like he works for Taser.
This is what a local paper said about Demetrius Tillman Nelson.

"Off-duty deputies with the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office were working security at Destin Commons early Saturday when an M26 Taser was used to subdue 44-year-old Demetrius Tillman Nelson of Pensacola. About 10 to 15 minutes later, Nelson went into respiratory arrest and was pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby hospital."


Anonymous said...

17-year-old Victor Steen (black male) was riding his bicycle when he was shocked with a Taser by a Pensacola (FL) police officer who was in an automobile. Victor was then struck by the officer's car. He died Oct. 3, 2009.

Anonymous said...

The name of the unidentified man who died in Texas on Dec. 24, 2008 [No. 407] was Mark Green, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Anonymous said...

Here is a possible "Taser death" from May, 2008. Paul J. Swider, 29, died May 8, 2008, two days after being taken into custody by Hammond (IN) police because of his unruly behavior at a gas station. A Hammond police officer used a Taser on Swider by touching it to him (often called a "drive stun") at the time Swider was being taken into custody. Hammond Police Chief Brian Miller is quite sure that his officers are NOT responsible for Swider's death, because he considers their behavior was appropriate, and the coroner's report found that Swider died of pneumonia, a blood infetion, internal bleeding, blood clotting and organ failure. However, if Swider REALLY died of kidney failure, then it is NOT impossible that the Taser shock(s) that Swider received may have been responsible for his death. It takes up to 3 days to die from kidney failure, once the events that initiate it occur. The kidneys fail slowly, and toxins build up in the blood as kidney failure progresses. This build-up of toxins will often cause other organs to fail, so that by the time the person dies, he is experiencing multiple organ failure. If Swider had had infectious organisms in his body at the time he was shocked with the Taser, they probably would have thrived as his health deteriorated because his immune system would not have been functioning properly to keep them in check.

It is rare for a person to die of kidney failure after being shocked with a Taser, but it HAS happened. There have been 3 or 4 such deaths, all of them occuring to a person being held in jail (where the medical staff typically is unprepared to recognize and deal appropriately with a medical condition as serious as kidney failure). If Swider really died of kidney failure, it is not surprising that the coroner failed to discover this; there are tests that can be done to identify kidney failure, but if the treating physician or medical examiner has no reason to suspect kidney failure, those tests won't be ordered. So Swider's death may indeed have been caused by the Taser shock(s) he received, though further information is needed to make a final determination.

Swider's widow, Gloria Rodriguez, has filed a lawsuit in federal court, which is how knowledge of this death became public.

Anonymous said...

It has been questioned whether Derrek Kairney, who died June 20, 2009, should be on this list because his death has been officially reported to have been a suicide. I have had extensive communication with his mother, who is certain her son (whose first name is properly spelled "Derek") did NOT commit suicide. The available evidence seems to bear her out.

Derek was finishing the basement of his home when the law enforcement officers confronted him. He had a knife in his hand because he was cutting the material he was panelling the walls of the basement with.

Apparently the officers surprised Derek in the basement while he was busy, and used the Taser on him before they they had fully assessed the situation. When a standing person is shocked in the torso with a Taser, both his arms bend at the elbow rather forcfully, which means that his hands and forearms move forcefully toward his chest, such that if the hands are in a fist, the thumb side of the fist strikes the chest. Derek was holding a knife in one hand when he was shocked with the Taser, apparently with the blade extending from the thumb side of his fist. When his hands flew involuntarily toward his chest under the influence of the Taser shock, the blade of the knife he was holding was driven forcefully into his chest, so that he suffered a serious stab wound

The officers reported that Derek had committed suicide by stabbing himself, but there is absolutely no evidence that Derek had been contemplating suicide; he owned and operated his own business, which was doing well. His stab wound appears to have been an unintended consequence of the Taser shock he received.

The statement of police that Derek had committed suicide was accepted uncritically by the medical eaminer, since a stab wound was present on Derek's body and apparently his heart had been damaged by the knife.

The state investigation is still continuing. Derek's mother is trying to get the official cause of Derek's death changed to something more in accordance with reality.

People who have died from falls caused by the Taser are on this list, so even if the knife wound did cause Derek's death, the Taser still seems to have been ultimately responsible for Derek's death.

It has been officialy noted that Derek complained of having a problem breathing just before he died, just like many other people shocked with a Taser have done before THEY died, so he may have died not from his stab wound, but from the same effects of the Taser shock that have brought about the deaths of so many other people.

In summary, the investigation of Derek's death is still continuing, and the official cause of his death may yet undergo a change.

Anonymous said...

Just want to add some info about early deaths. There were at least 16 deaths in LA between 1983 and 1987. These are reported by Kornblum and Reddy (1991) in the Journal of Forensic Sciences Vol 39 No 2.
The first seems to be Vincent Alvarez in August 1983.

Anonymous said...

You have Edward Buckner shown as dying on Nov. 17, 2009, but when I phoned the Hamilton County Medical Examiner's Office (where the autopsy on his body was done) and asked the date of his death, I was told it was Nov. 27, 2009.

Buckner's death has a lot in common with the death of Lawrence Frazier in 2000 in Virginia. This was a death following use of a stun gun, but it was NOT a Taser. Both men were diabetics, and Frazier was stunned several times while he was having a hypoglycemic episode. What I read in the news stories about Buckner makes me very suspicious that he also as having a hypoglycemic episode when the Taser was used on him.

For that matter, Robert Dziekanski, the Polish citizen who died after the RCMP used a Taser on him at Vancouver Airport in British Columbia, was probably also hypoglycemic when he was shocked with the Taser, too. I'm sure he had last eaten on the airplane. He had been waiting for his mother for about 10 hours, and he probably hadn't eaten at all while he was waiting for her. (If there were food vending machines in the area, he probably couldn't use them.) So it's a good guess that he was hypoglycemic, even though he wasn't a diabetic.

It could be that hypoglycemia is a risk factor for death following one or more Taser shocks.

Anonymous said...

ok, lets stop and have the officer(s) start asking, "do you have any medical issues that would preclude you from me using a taser on you...?" meanwhile, the person pulled out the 9mm pistol and fired off a shot at the police...

sarah said...

My brother Andrew Grande Dec 11 2009 in panama city beach florida was tazed while chocking and died i buried my brother this past wendsday Joseph Blankenship

Anonymous said...

No. 471 is listed as Patrick Mingo, but actually his name is Daniel Mingo.

Anonymous said...

411. February 2, 2009: Garrett Jones, 45, Stockton, California
I knew Garrett.. He was beaten to death by the police. Here's the link to KRCA's reporting of it.
Pay attention to what the witness says. Garrett's ex girlfriend paid dearly for seeking justice against the Stockton PD. Four days before the officers returned from payed leave, her door was kicked in by swatt, her loving dog shot 4 times, her daughter was taken, and she was arressted.

Anonymous said...

To Patti Gillman: Check e-mail at gillman-familyATcogeco.ca ASAP.

Anonymous said...

The Cornelius mans name was Daniel Barga.

Anonymous said...

You list Jermall Williams as dying July 3, 2006, in South Bend, Indiana. A front-page story in the South Bend Tribune dated Tuesday, July 4, 2006, reports his death as occurring Sunday evening, which would have been July 2.

See the following URL for the latest information (made public March 15, 2010) about how weapons like the Taser kill people:



Anonymous said...

Here is a death not on this list:

Christopher A. Wright, Sr., was shocked with a Taser by Seattle police (in Washington state, USA) on Feb. 28, 2010. He died Mar. 5, 2010. He was a 48-year-old black man. There is a story on the Internet, but it contains very little detailed information. (I had to get his race from the King County Medical Examiner's office.)

Villager said...

Audreacus Davis was 29-years old when killed by tasers in Georgia.

Kate said...

Inquests currently being held in Australia in two 2009 tasering deaths are said to have led to revised use rules and demands for guns with controls to limit firing.
April 16, 2009 Kwementyaye Rubuntja, 39, Alice Springs, Northern Territory.
Taser recorder says discharged 8x 5 sec for total of 40 sec during 2 minutes. Man had bad heart and was seizure prone. Died in hospital shortly after.
June 12, 2009 Antonio Galeano, 49 Queensland. Taser recorder says shot 28 times in 6 minutes. Died on site soon after.
These are Autralia's first deaths; the country hasn't used tasers very long.
My stats (deaths vs incidents)imply where a death occurs, it will likely be within the first 600 uses.

Villager said...

Daniel Sylvester was 35 years old when he was tasered-to-death by Del Norte County Sheriff's deputies...

Anonymous said...

Many deaths are being overlooked,I live in a town of a little over a 1000,000.We have had 3 deaths by tasers in our town.The cops love to use these and blame the deaths on other health problems with there murder victim.

Anonymous said...

Error Correction: In a recent story posted on "Truth NOT Tasers", a list of cities where the Police Department has stopped using the Taser was provided that included Las Vegas, Nevada. This is an error; police in Las Vegas, Nevada, are still using the Taser. The city where the Police Department HAS stopped using Tasers is Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Your no. 512, initially unidentified, has been identified by the Coroner of Los Angeles County as Joseph Frank Kennedy, 48 years old; and while the incident took place on Sept. 17, he was declared dead at La Palma Intercommunity Hospital very early in the morning on Sept. 18.

Jeff C. said...

Regarding number 512, Joseph Frank Kennedy, here is my short remembrance.

I hadn’t seen him in over 20 years, but I knew him as Jojo Kennedy. He grew up on my block, a working class neighborhood in Anaheim, California. This was the late seventies/early eighties. He was a mouthy jerk at times, but a likeable guy nonetheless. Back in 1984 or so, I did a pretty despicable thing to him behind his back. I deserved to have my ass kicked (or worse) once he found out. He was certainly capable of it, but for some reason I still don’t understand, he didn’t. He ultimately forgave me.

I last saw him in 1988 or so. I bumped into him at the beach on Prospect Street in Newport. We chatted for over an hour like nothing had ever happened. I was clean and sober 3 years at this point, he was still doing drugs but seemed like he was doing okay. I knew he had demons, but hoped he could get past them. The grace of God had changed my life; it could change his if he gave it a chance.

I’ve often thought about Jojo over the last twenty years. He was a smart kid and extremely witty, lighting fast with the one-liners, almost always at someone else’s expense. I figured he eventually grew up, realized he didn’t know it all, and became a productive member of society. What a waste to read that he died at the hands of the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Forty-eight years old and he attacked a cop. Unbelievably stupid. I guess he still thought he knew it all.

It turns out that in 2003, a boat he was towing broke loose and killed a motorcyclist. He fled the scene, but the next day turned himself in. He went to prison for that and six additional times for violating parole. Perhaps the guilt from that episode was his ultimate demon. RIP

The motorcyclists name was Mark Stephen Burris. I pray for God’s comfort and peace upon his family.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Sandras died Aug. 1, 2010, and is so listed as #499.

For some reason, he is listed again as #513 with a date of Oct. 4; I am confident that this entry is incorrect, and ought to be deleted.

Reality Chick said...

I think you're likely right - although it was reported yesterday and seemed like a new report: http://www.fox8live.com/news/local/story/sandras-dies-taser-shooting-houma/gTMNwcZCjE2M4Vcs_bmczA.cspx

Anonymous said...

I am writing to correct an error in the information provided for death no. 516 (Karreem A. Ali). This is shown as a Virginia death, but it actually seems to have been a death in the state of Maryland.

Both Virginia and Maryland have a Montgomery County. In Virginia, this is located in southwestern Virginia; the county seat is Christiansburg. In Maryland, Montgomery County borders on Washington, DC.

Captain Paul Starks is an officer with the Montgomery County Police in Maryland; his name was mentioned in the WASHINGTON POST story about the death of Karreem A. Ali. Also, there is a Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD, which seems to be the hospital to which Karreem Ali was taken after he collapsed in custody.

All this indicates that Ali's death occurred in Maryland, not in Virginia.

Achiel said...

It would be good to make a group or that kind on facebook. Facebook-groups are very popular right now, and that would be a good thing. I'm from Belgium, and right know the government is thinking to give tasers to the police. I feel, there will come discussions about it. I really don't like them!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a presentation on the dangers of tasers and i am wondering if you can you tell me, of the above who has died as a result of only being tased? No underlying medical conditions, or as a result or in combination with other forces. It's taking me forever to comb through the above cases and my ideal ones to present in class woud involve situations where person X was tased, he was perfectly healthy, not on drugs, the cops didn't do anything else besides tase him and he died. I'm hoping you have some kind of master list that could help me out here because combing through these is taking forever.

Reality Chick said...

Hi and thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I have never isolated which people died only from the taser, with no other contributing factors. In hindsight, I wish that I had done so. If you wish to share your findings with me, I'd be happy to publish them, with or without a hat tip to you (as you choose). Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Another death: Christopher L. Knight, 35-yr-old black man, was shocked with a Taser in Georgia on Dec. 20, 2010, when he was taken into custody by officers of the Glynn County Police Department. He died Dec. 21.

QuickHitGondolin said...

This grim list got me to work harder to bring awareness to how police are wantonly abusing Tasers. Because of laziness, cops shock just about anyone including children. It's apalling and traumatizes those who are shocked and are lucky enough to live. I hope the attitudes can change soon.

I believe the police and media only release or show videos to the public where those stunned are not horribly affected.

I also made a list of deaths that includes a link to the stories, and for ones that hadn't already been done, I wrote an unbiased summary of each death to easily ascertain the facts.


Anonymous said...

I realize that none of you have any idea what you are talking about at all. The reason people die due to tasers is that that have a serious heart condition, which means they shouldn't be doing anything to get themselves tasered in the first place, the death ratio being 1/10,000 people tased die because of it. I've done my research on this, and it's very accurate. Also, some people think that tasers are second to last line of defense, last being guns. This is a false statement. If the criminal poses a threat to officers in any way, its a warning, then if they don't cooperate, they get tasered. This is all fact. I have no reason to lie to anyone about this. If anyone doesn't see it this way, I am sincerely sorry that they cannot see the truth.

Anonymous said...

Of the 10,000 deployments, how many were during training vs. " in the field"?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for compiling this list; and putting together this blog. My fiance, Adam Spencer Johnson, an overall healthy man unfortunately made this list after being tased at Universal Studios in Orlando for "acting irrationally" the day after his 33rd birthday. 5 security guards (off duty police officers) apparently felt his "irrational" behavior so far only depicted as pulling on his beard and hair warranted him being tased.

Connor said...

You people think that 662 people tased to death over 28 years is a lot? In 2010 alone, 32,788 people died in car crashes. About 1,200 people die in plane crashes each year. The ratio for cars per day is over 90 deaths a day in the USA. For planes, the ratio is over three deaths a day. In 28 years, the ratio for tasers is 0.065 deaths per day. The ratio just for 2010, according to the numbers on this list, is 0.1758 deaths per day.
This is all well-researched facts, and I can tell you that the problem of deaths is not police and tasers, it is the problem of unsafe driving.

Anonymous said...

Connor- I agree that car deaths are too common, but your comparison between car-crash related deaths and taser related deaths doesn't go deep enough. Calculate a ratio between how many times a day a driver or passenger climbs into a car (I have no idea how many this is, but it's lots)versus how many die each day. Now calculate a ratio of how many times someone is shot with a taser (not a training shot but a real one) versus how many die afterward. The US Department of Justice last month released a report saying this might be "less than .25%". This will give a closer comparison of how dangerous riding in a car is versus being tasered by the police.
If you could compare the danger of riding in a car with a drunken driver versus being tasered by an officer who believes that his taser is harmless and so shoots you eight times, (eg Galiano, Australia) you would still find the taser more dangerous, and might understand why people are demanding more public information and police training that acknowleges the potential danger of this weapon.
At least you didn't say tasers are harmless, and I do agree about the car deaths, but that doesn't make me think that watchdogging taser use is an inferior use of time.

r.g said...

Hi my name is Raul Gallegos Jr. Raul Gallegos reyez son this is something that injured the family greatly. He had two sons that were left behind and including my mother. This was not just police brutallity it was more than that alot more. As the article says that officer thomas noticed him when he went in to the start of his shift why ? When there were more than 60 inmates in the cells at the moment how was it just his race how he looked what was it out of all the inmates why did it have to be my father. Five years later i wonder still seeing it happen to other people getting beat for no reason or should i say as well killed every year by denver police and aurora police and they get away with it. Thomas took somebodys life a life that was worth more than what was handed out to be covered up thomas didnt even get charged still has his job and probably laughing at what happen that night. while my mother struggles to raise two kids on her own. All i ask for is bring this back up. look into the case and see what desision was reached and you and the people show what happen and tell me if you think what they did was fair. this case i belive involved a lot of dicrimination of race on both the city and attorneys side which took advantage of my mother lied to her telling her she could be deported for getting another court set to keep on with trial discriminated for not being a citizen and two kids that couldnt speak up at the moment and say what they felt. now we are left to be raised with no father figure and victim of the brutality and exess of force. i have alot more so state and i want it to be heard this can't keep happening to innocent people.

p.s plz respond whta can i do to keep fighting this. Email:adrian032910@gmail.com

Jack I said...

Thanks for makeing this list. I am a brother of one of those deaths and people need to see how many deaths the taser cuesed.
Certified Forensic Loan Auditors Andrew Lehman

Anonymous said...

New Taser death: Montaleto McKissick, 37, died Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011, in the custody of the Oklahoma City police.

Anonymous said...

Latest Taser death (in New York state): Early in the morning on Tuesday, August 30, 2011, Nicholas Koscielniak, 27, was shocked with a Taser by Lancaster police, then "became unresponsive" and was pronounced dead at the hospital where he was taken. (Lancaster is in Erie County, just to the east of Buffalo.)

Anonymous said...

No, 686 in your list has now been identified as Damon Barnett, 44.

Anonymous said...

Another death: Sept. 28, 2011: Howard Thomas Cooke, 30, York, PA

Anonymous said...

The fact that this is even compiled, is a blessing in and of itself.

Yet, While one taser gun costs a police department several thousand dollars, I think the number of taser deaths is, actually in the thousands. Because of how frequently and irresponsibly, they are used.

Chris516 said...

As a cyclist, I have heard of a number of hearing-impaired and/or epileptic cyclists getting tasered.

The hearing-impaired cyclists because law enforcement thinks the cyclist(s') is(are) ignoring the command to stop.

The epileptic cyclist(s) who has(have) a seizure have easily been mispercieved as being high on legal(or illegal) narcotics and as a result, get hit with 50,000V.

That is more than ten times the average combined amount used by the few states who still have the electric chair as a primary or secondary form of execution.

Granted a taser probe is applied differently from the death mask used in the electric chair and the police do not worry about conductivity. But a person does not need to ONLY have a heart condition for a shot from a taser gun to end up being fatal.

Taser guns are sort of picking up where the electric chair is leaving off. As the electric chair continually takes a beating from the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I wonder when the taser gun will be challenged by the 8th Amendment.

lily said...

we need a place to sign a petition to ban the taser so no more people are killed.

lily said...

we need a place to sign a petition to ban the taser so no more people are killed.

leighgirl said...

only in america would and does this kind of thing happen. I miss nothing about american life! I had my dealing with the cops in texas from doing a u turn. Ended up beaten by 8 cops and I am sure not a big gal nor was I fighting or doing anything back. I did call one an american inbreeder when he grabbed my arm and squeezed my bad arm. For that I god beaten and locked up for 2 days. I hate inbreeders.

hateit4ya said...

I just wanted to submit a correction for my boyfriend on this list under 2011, #655 Ervin Terrell Motley, Forrest City, AR.(St. Francis County)

Anonymous said...

Death No. 726 was Anton Butler, a 28-year-old black man.

Bob Bobber said...

At least one of the names on your list had eaten 2 grams of methamphetamine 4 hours prior to his death, during his traffic stop. Looking into his case is what led me here, so I haven't much input on the other names. Still, I think the fact that this man died of a drug overdose is enough to discredit your claims that all of these deaths were caused by tasers. If you want to claim that all of these occurred after a taser was used, then go right ahead. But don't implicate them as the sole cause of death. In many states, you must be tased before you're allowed to carry a taser. None of those individuals have died.

Angela Tyson said...

My brother JERMAINE DARDEN is #782 on this list he died from this !