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Friday, November 23, 2007

Howard Hyde's final hours

November 23, 2007
Dan Arsenault, Halifax Chronicle Herald

The last hours of Howard Talbot Walden Hyde’s life were spent in conflict with the justice system and in hospital in metro, according to Halifax Regional Police. What fol­lows is a chronology of Mr. Hyde’s final day as outlined by police and a spokesman for the company that provides ambulance service.


• Police arrest Mr. Hyde, 45, in connection with an assault in Dart­mouth just after midnight. He’d been involved in a domestic dispute.

• While being fingerprinted at police headquarters on Gottingen Street in Halifax, Mr. Hyde attempts to jump over the counter in the booking area and flee the building.

• The man struggles violently with officers attempting to subdue him.

Mr. Hyde is shot with a stun gun either once or twice because police were unable to control him.

• He continues to fight, leaps over the counter and attempts to run out the back door in the booking area. Police chase him, and another struggle takes place.

• Mr. Hyde is eventually brought under control but suffers medical distress. Officers at the scene ad­minister first aid.

• Police call Emergency Health Services for an ambulance at head­quarters.

• 2:11 a.m.: Paramedics respond to the call. Mr. Hyde is unconscious but breathing.

• Paramedics take him to the new Infirmary at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre. Mr. Hyde is assessed in the emergency depart­ment and discharged from hospital two to three hours later. He’s re­leased back into police custody.

• Mr. Hyde makes an appearance in Dartmouth provincial court Wednesday afternoon. He’s then returned to custody and sent to the jail in Dartmouth.


• At 7:47 a.m., paramedics are summoned to the jail to attend to a prisoner in cardiac arrest. Sources say Mr. Hyde was involved in a struggle with correctional staff.

• Mr. Hyde is taken to Dartmouth General Hospital. He dies later Thursday morning.

• Provincial justice minister orders a ministerial review into the use of stun guns in Nova Scotia. The re­view applies to all police forces, correctional staff and sheriff’s deputies.

• An RCMP spokesman says the force will be investigating the cir­cumstances of Mr. Hyde’s sudden death.

1 comment:

Stepford-On-Hudson said...

I knew Howard. Its unfortunate in what happened. There is a myriad of problems here and in society that really tends to exasperate situations than rectify. One might be the prescribing of drugs that "send one over the edge" instead of actually helping someone.
I remember Howard as someone who was shy, gentle and kind. I knew he had some problems, but he sure kicked my ass in chess. He wasn't stupid and frankly I don't trust the cops either at this point. They are becoming a menace. I don't blame him for running.