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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NYPD Tests New Taser Gun

We can now expect to see the taser-related death rate increase in New York City ...

October 6, 2010

The New York City Police Department is testing a new and more powerful Taser gun in the wake of a deadly police-involved shooting that could have been prevented if the weapon worked properly. The new X26 model is said to be more incapacitating than the 600 or so Taser guns already in use in the city. The seven-ounce model is also about 60 percent lighter than the old 19-ounce models.

Under a pilot program, the NYPD has given 15 of the devices to five precincts, including Harlem and East New York, and four others to the Emergency Services Unit. On Sunday, a taser gun failed to accurately hit a knife-wielding suspect in the Bronx, leading police officers to shoot and kill 24-year-old Emmanuel Paulino.

1 comment:

Exciting-Delirium blog said...

The X26 is claimed to be 5% more "incapacitating" than the older M26 model.

But I wonder if the X26 might have a death rate (per deployment, actual use) about twice that of the M26. For me it's just a suspicion. Some people would know, but they're silent on the subject.