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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Australia: Second Taser video won't be made public

Just last week, police in NSW (another part of Australia) announced that they were going to ban "non-video" equipped tasers. See National Police set to ban use of non-video Tasers

So what effect will today's decision by the Western Australian Government have on the NSW's certain future reluctance to release video footage that it deems "disturbing?"

The situation in Australia is dismal.

October 13, 2010
ABC News

The Western Australian Government has refused to release a second video of a man being tasered multiple times in custody in 2008.

Kevin Spratt was tasered 13 times in the East Perth watch-house in August 2008.

After being arrested again a week later, Mr Spratt was tasered 11 times by Department of Corrective Services officers while they were attempting to remove him from a prison cell.

Parliament has been told that police called for help on that occasion because Mr Spratt was aggressively spitting blood in their face and was believed to have hepatitis C.

Video footage of the first incident was released as part of a Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) report last week.

Attorney-General Christian Porter told Parliament he has released video of the second incident to the Aboriginal Legal Service, but will not make it public.

"At this point in time, and I have been in two minds about it, I've determined at this point in time not to make the footage public," he said. "I can say that watching the footage was uncomfortable for me. It is a qualitatively different type to the police footage."

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