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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Federal Judge allows Civil Rights lawsuit in Texas taser case

October 27, 2010
Jessica Miller, Fox34 News

Lubbock federal judge Sam Cummings rules a civil rights lawsuit filed against a Lubbock police officer can continue to trial on two of the plaintiff's three claims. Belinda Sarabia's suit stems from a 2009 traffic stop during which she was tased by officer Sadie Hockenberry.

Sarabia admits she had been drinking and was a passenger in the vehicle pulled over in a residential neighborhood after the driver ran a stop sign.

Sarabia also admits she did not get out of the car when ordered to do so by the officer.

According to Sarabia, Officer Hockenberry tried to drag her from the vehicle then tased her more than 20 times to force her to exit.

According to court documents, the taser was activated six times.

Sarabia complains of extreme pain, burns and scarring from the tasings.

Judge Cummings rules Sarabia's claims of excessive force and assault can proceed but dismisses a claim of false arrest.

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