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Friday, October 22, 2010

Forensic expert says Taser caused death

October 22, 2010
Associated Press

WINNFIELD, La. (AP) - A well known forensic pathologist testifies that the shocks that ex-cop Scott Nugent administered to a handcuffed man caused his death.

Prosecutors called Dr. Michael Baden as an expert witness in the death of Baron Pikes.

baden testified in the O.J. Simpson trial and was the host of the HBO program "Autopsy." Baden told jurors that Pikes did not have any medical conditions that would have killed him, and he did not find any other reason a healthy man would die so suddenly.

Nugent administered eight or nine shocks with a Taser when Pikes refused to comply with orders. Pikes was handcuffed at the time.

On cross examination, defense attorney Jerry Glas worked to discredit Baden, asking him about his qualifications as an expert on electricity and on the Taser.

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