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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keep Columbia Safe says ‘no’ on Taser ban

October 20, 2010
Columbia Daily Tribune

Grass-roots organization Keep Columbia Safe has announced its opposition to a city ban on the use of Tasers and other conducted electrical devices, or CEDs.

Columbia voters will decide Nov. 2 whether CED use should be allowed within city limits. Keep Columbia Safe, which led a successful effort earlier this year to allow the placement of downtown surveillance cameras, is encouraging voters not to support the ban proposed in Proposition 2.

Passage of Proposition 2 would make it illegal for law enforcement or any other individuals to threaten to use or activate any CED. The ordinance would ban Tasers, stun guns, stun belts and shock sticks within city limits.

The measure originated with a petition drive by the local coalition People for a Taser-Free Columbia.

“We believe Columbia police officers and other public safety professionals deserve the best tools available as they do their duty in difficult, and often dangerous, situations,” said Karen Taylor, Keep Columbia Safe organizer.

Keep Columbia Safe will host a Taser education forum at 5 p.m. next Wednesday at the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, 300 S. Providence Road. Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey will speak.

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