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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tasered neck 'an accident'

September 30, 2008
The Province

A Vancouver police officer who intended to Taser a teenage mother in the back accidentally Tasered her in the neck, Const. Tim Fanning said yesterday.

"I looked back through the reports and the officer tried to apply the Taser to her back but she moved and it touched the back of her neck," said Fanning.

Police were trying to take custody of 16-year-old Misha Peterson's one-month old son Taige on Sept. 22. Police said earlier the girl was Tasered because she was grasping her son tightly and they feared she might smother him.

A letter to the editor published in today's edition of The Province:

Taser record

The science of electricity is simple. Once a Taser's electrical current is released it follows whatever path it finds. If Misha Peterson was holding her baby as tightly as the police claim, then they were electrocuting him too. We should submit the names of the police officers and social workers involved to The Guinness Book of Records for Tasering the youngest person so far.

Edward Roe, Delta


Anonymous said...

There was a fetus that aborted after a pregnant woman was tasered in the U.S. some time ago. Guess the victims don't get much younger than that. I am astounded at the audacity and cruel disregard shown by these four supposedly highly trained police officers and how they totally bungled this incident. Reminds me of another incident in 2004 when Vancouver's finest bungled another very high profile case when they tasered Robert Bagnell...our son and brother. The police forces seem to be committed to go after the weak of society. Luckily, this young woman and her baby survived. Will the taser survive? God forbid.....

Anonymous said...

I was tasered in the neck, arm, and side of abdomen. Since the tasering I no longer have control of my penis. I can no longer stop urin. I believe the tasering has caused permanant damage to my bladder. My neck still feels like a needle is stuck in it. Tasers are not safe and I do believe a bullet in the right place probably would do less damage, on account of the shock electricity delivers to the nervous system.