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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Police report concerns citizens

September 2, 2008
KOMU, Columbia, Missouri

COLUMBIA - A small group of community activists complained Tuesday about police policy regarding tasers. Several members of the Grass Roots Organizing (GRO) complained how the Columbia police failed to address taser concerns in last months report. One complaint is about loose and subjective regulations. The group also says the report does not include public input for taser rules.

The members of GRO collected more than 500 signatures to present to the city council. The petition demands police create a task force to study taser use, and to delay the training or arming of police officers, until the task force completes its study and the city council votes on it.

"There should be imminent danger before this powerful weapon is used," GRO member Renee Kientz said.

Residents say the public needs more information and knowledge on tasers.

The police department did not return phone calls regarding the issue. The GRO members will be at the city council meeting Tuesday night.

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