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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cops in the US get THE MEMO ... better late than never??

Taser International's new warning against tasing human beings in the chest area, which went viral across Canada and Australia last week, finally did "the wave" across the USA (and New Zealand) today. Why so late to the party? And why did Taser International send a revised version (from the September 30, 2009 version they sent to Canadian police forces to the October 12, 2009 edition police in the US received)? Since when does the date on a safety bulletin CHANGE in mid-stream after it`s already been issued? What else, besides the date, the addition of a covering memo and an FAQ, did they change between versions?

CTV News (a national Canadian news outlet) broke the story in this nation on October 7th. See here.

See also: http://excited-delirium.blogspot.com/2009/10/on-their-tightly-twisted-explanation.html for more analysis.

THE WAVE (in no particular order):

Taser advice: Don't aim at target's chest (USA Today)

Taser Issues Advisory on Use of Stun Guns (ABC News)

Cops Warned Not to Fire Tasers at Chest (CBS News)

Don't fire Tasers at the chest, manufacturer warns (AFP)

Don't tase me in the chest, bro (ZDNet)

ACLU to Boulder police: Change Taser policy (Colorado)

Taser Warns Against Shooting at Chest (North Carolina)

Taser to cops: Don't shoot perps in the chest (Florida)

Rockford's News LeaderSafety warning issued about Tasers (Illinois)

BPD Reviewing Stun Gun Policy Following Taser Advisory (Texas)

Police update instructions on Taser training (New Zealand)

New TASER recommendation for police officers (Virginia)

ETC. (And tomorrow`s another day!)

1 comment:

Kain Mark Malik said...

I was tasered 3 times in the chest and once in the lower back on October 3 2009 by the Edmonton Police Service (EPS).

I was hospitalized for almost a week.

My memory is zapped. I cannot remember what happened before or after.

I woke up in the hospital cuffed to the bed.

No one cares about people that the "beloved police" bring into a hospital.

Medical staff automatically assume everything the police say is ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Resulting in neglected service and care for the person injured by the police.

I am sick of being exploited and abused by the AUTHORITY IN CANADA.

I would love to add to this site in great detail my experiences with the Edmonton Police and St. Albert RCMP.

I could type for days, years... State facts, opinions, relay experiences...

However I will refrain from exposing myself to the obscurity of this world we live in...

I'm not dead yet!

"Credo Et Amo"