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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Taser maker issues new guidelines

This diagram from Taser International's website shows the new target area for Taser use.

October 7, 2009
CTV Calgary

A company that makes Tasers has issued new guidelines to police who use their product.

Taser International maintains its devices are safe but is telling police to avoid aiming the weapon at a suspect's chest.

On Wednesday those new rules were passed onto Calgary police.

"We have released a new directive, relative to Taser targeting, to our members and this follows a training bulletin that Taser International released," says SSgt. Chris Butler from the Calgary Police Service.

The bulletin, which is posted on Taser International's website, includes a diagram showing the new target areas on a suspect's body.

The bulletin instructs police: "when possible, avoiding chest shots with ECDS avoids the controversy about whether ECD's do, or do not, affect the human heart."

"The rationale from Taser in their training bulletin is that the new medical research that is coming out is showing that the closer probe to heart distances have a likelihood, or a possibility, that they may affect the rhythm of the heart," says SSgt. Butler.

CTV Calgary tried to contact Taser International for an interview but, so far, it has not responded.


Excited-Delirium.com said...

Holy Sugar !!! They are so screwed. This is a tacit admission that they failed to warn if risk of death. This is a tacit admission that their in-house bought and paid-for "experts" were talking through their hats.

And the pathetic excuses they've made, all of which have been systematically shredded one after the other, reveal the larger picture of money over lives.

Wow. I knew that 2009 was going to be an "interesting year" for Taser International. This one tacit admission is a monsterous step.

I almost can't believe it.

I can only advise those plaintiffs and lawyers with taser-death cases where darts hit chest, they should file their lawsuits soon before there's nothing left but bleached bones. And they should go after the personal fortunes too. Smith family, Kroll, Ho, Pasceau, anyone involved with manufacturing stupid "proofs" that tasers-R-safe. All these people should be jailed, but I'll settle for bankruptcy.

Memphis Steve said...

So now the genitals are at the center of the target area. Great. Because sexual torture and fried genitals is of no concern. Who cares about that?

Kelly said...

My brother-n-law died 4-9-11 in US Forrest City, Arkansas shortly after being tased now the Sheriffs Office is going the extra mile to down the deceased so that the public sees only criminal and not the whole point at hand. He was a human just as the rest of us are, they didn't have a real threat they were just in the dark woods early morning chasing a man that fled the car at a traffic stop and did not take his cries for help seriously. He collapsed in route to the jail they then called 911 and Terrell was pronounced dead on arrival at Forrest City Medical Center. If they had attempted to get medical help when he stated he could not breathe he might still be here today and if he passed anyway at least no one could say they had not tried now they just get to have a laugh cause they made it his fault to cover their tails....