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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

RCMP lawyer refers to Dziekanski as a 'whackjob'

VANCOUVER - A distraught Zofia Cisowski struggled to keep her emotions in check as her son, Robert Dziekanski, was picked apart at the Braidwood inquiry.

Ravi Hira, the lawyer for Const. Kwesi Millington, stressed witness accounts that paint Dziekanski as a "whackjob" and an "unusual passenger" and made constant reference to potential alcoholism.

"It's relevant to perhaps the cause of death. It's relevant to perhaps his actions. It's relevant to why he acted the way he did," Hira said after commissioner Thomas Braidwood questioned his approach during closing submissions.

All the while, a heartbroken Cisowski twisted and turned in her seat at every remark and had to be restrained at times by her victims' services handler.

"Oh my God," she cried. "Oh my gosh."

Public observers at the inquiry offered their support to the grieving mother, who confessed listening to the remarks was "so upsetting."

Hira submitted that Millington acted exactly how he was trained to during the incident and not findings of misconduct can be made against him.

"The overwhelming weight of the evidence regarding training support the actions of officer Millington," Hira said. "I respectfully submit Const. Millington acted properly and professionally."

Closing submissions continue.

1 comment:

Excited-Delirium.com said...

I suspect that there will be PLENTY of blame for everyone involved. More than enough that the officer's involved, each according to their actions and or inactions that fatal night, will each receive a heaping serving.

If anyone wishes to place a bet that Braidwood will exonerate all four officers, might as well bet that the Moon will be floating in the Pacific Ocean next Tuesday evening. It's about as likely...

We've all seen the video evidence.

We've seen the list of errors in the email.

Dziekanski was the one asking the right question that night: "Have you lost your mind?" Those words (in Polish) were his last words just before he was tasered repeatedly (over and over and over again) in the chest and almost immediately died of some coincidental-my-ass cardiac effect.

Taset International and their Canadian distributor certainly are liable for selling a dangerous product with assurances of safety, but the police made many mistakes too.

PLENTY of blame. Lots for everyone.