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Monday, October 05, 2009

Edmonton Police Reject Taser Cams

September 5, 2009
Travis Dosser, inews 880

Edmonton Police have rejected the idea of new video-equipped tasers, which would record audio and video each time a taser is used.

Last year EPS announced it would test the video-equipped tasers, however authorities say the tests didn't produce the results they wanted, according to Global Edmonton.

The reason the results didn't go the way they wanted was because, the number of issues the new equipment had, was not worth the 400 dollar price tag for each.

The Taser Cam, attaches to the Taser X26 which city police already use, the video from the camera is often obstructed and the audio is muffled because of the Officers standard two handed grip.

The battery pack on the new unit is also prone to failure in some weather conditions, a problem that is not acceptable.

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Excited-Delirium.com said...

Gee... Let me think for a minute. The optional taser cameras are poorly conceived, badly designed, badly engineered, poorly manufactured crap. I'm paraphrasing the problems quoted from the Edmonton Police.

Does this company make any other products?