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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dziekanski 'angry and distraught' witness tells inquiry

February 3, 2009
By Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun

An "angry and distraught" Robert Dziekanski called for police and help in Polish before he was Tasered at Vancouver International Airport, a limousine driver said.

Lorne Meltzer said he swore and shouted at Dziekanski when he wouldn't let him into a secure area, which he had blocked off with his suitcases. "I was loud and angry," Meltzer said. He then warned Dziekanski that police would be coming and would Taser him, Meltzer said. "I don't know where that came from. It just came out of my mouth," Meltzer told the Braidwood inquiry today.

He said he got angry because he couldn't get through to pick up client, who was coming in on a flight from New York. If he missed him, he said it would ruin his reputation and affect his business.

Meltzer said after he shouted at him, Dziekanski appeared to calm down and he remembers him saying "policia" and "revencia," which he found out later means help.

Meltzer said he called 911 but hung up when he was put on hold. He then contacted security to deal with Dziekanski, he said.

Meanwhile, a cleaner at Vancouver International Airport who walked within inches of Dziekanski told the Braidwood inquiry today he never feared for his safety.
James Canzon said Dziekanski was calm as he passed him in the international arrivals area. He said at one point he heard another man speaking loudly to Dziekanski but he couldn't understand what was being said. Canzon said after he left the area he heard "a pop" like a gunshot but continued his cleaning. He then saw Dziekanski laying on the carpet.

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