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Monday, February 23, 2009

Kudos to RCMP on Taser guns

February 23, 2009
The Hill Times

Kudos to the RCMP for adopting a new policy that recognizes that Taser guns can cause death and restricting their use to life-threatening situations. The federal government must now set standards for Taser use by all police services in Canada, under its power in the Criminal Code, to regulate firearms. Standards for their efficacy and use must be developed. This is statistically very significant when it comes to product quality and integrity. This failure rate flies in the face of technology, purchaser confidence, commonsense, police safety and public safety. The manufacturer and police services should take note of the fact no other electrical product can be legally sold in Canada unless it is tested and certified by a recognized national standards organization.

Until these standards are in place, police services should place a moratorium on the purchase of these electrical devices. Establishing minimum standards would be another step in the right direction to further ensure police accountability and to allay public fears and concerns.

Emile Therien
Past President, Canada Safety Council
Ottawa, Ont.

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