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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ohio jail inmate's heart stopped after stungun used, officials say

February 24, 2009
John Caniglia, Plain Dealer

Akron - An inmate who attacked Summit County jailers over the weekend was shocked with a stun gun, causing his heart to stop beating, officials said. Gregory Dillard, 21, of Akron, was revived and taken to Akron General Hospital on Saturday, where he was in the intensive care unit ... One of the officers used his Taser, striking Dillard once in the chest area, officials said.

Alexander said Dillard's heart stopped momentarily. Jail nurses and emergency service workers helped revive him, and he was taken to the Akron hospital. A hospital representative could not be reached about his condition ... Detectives are investigating the incident, and Alexander has suspended use of all stun guns until an investigation of the Taser used is completed.


Excited-Delirium said...

A taser affecting the heart! Well goodness gracious - you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw that.

I could've sworn I'd seen something from Taser International and their leading brain trust guy (Kroll) that claims that such internal risk factors were well-nigh impossible.

Do you think, maybe, that they were not being truthful, or perhaps they were negligent in their design? Do you think?

(Note - above is laced with sarcasm.)

christopher said...

Is this true? Haven't encountered such a stungun. What do you think then is the advantages and disadvantages of a stungun? Is it still safe to use? The jail inmate probably was shocked and maybe that's the reason why the heart stopped beating.