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Friday, August 29, 2008

New website: Prevent Dangerous Harm

Please see the new website, Prevent Dangerous Harm.

"This advocacy group was established subsequent to the death of our son and brother, Patrick D. Hagans. On May 13, 2007, in Franklin County, Ohio during an altercation with law enforcement officers, a Taser was used. Patrick became unconscious and was admitted to a local hospital. Having never regained any awareness, Patrick was removed from life support and passed away May 16, 2007. The task of our advocacy organization is to support agencies that are demanding further research and stricter regulations regarding the use of Tasers for both law enforcement officers and private citizens. If your belief is “SAFETY, NOT HARM” please join us in this crusade to make our world a much more protected place for all. Help support our efforts in furthering education and awareness of Taser usage in your community and others."

I encourage your support of this advocacy group and, to that end, you may wish to purchase one or more "Don't Taser Me" wristbands at this site.


Anonymous said...

word of warning, contact the family if you can and see if this is a site the family is actually running or someone has set up a scam. the guy in Canada who had his head chopped off had a site created asking for money and it was not real. So you may want to verify the intent before advertising.

Reality Chick said...

Thank you - that's a very good point. However, in this case I have been in touch with Patrick's sister, Julie, and as far as I can tell this is a legitimate endeavour.