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Monday, August 11, 2008

Man in hospital after hit with Taser by Winnipeg police

"the suspect was shot with a Taser and fell backwards, hitting his head on the sidewalk ... the man was taken to hospital in critical condition, but has since been upgraded to stable."

The taser manufacturer and their fan club will take umbrage at the title of this news report. They will insist the headline should have read "saved by the taser" or somesuch. Speaking to the Braidwood Inquiry, Tom Smith, Chairman of Taser International said, "Are Tasers risk free? No, they cause people to FALL DOWN."

Ooooh, what a LUCKY MAN this unnamed man was! I hope he buys a lottery ticket - to be an unwitting pawn in a deadly game of RUSSIAN ROULETTE and live to tell about it!

The Winnipeg Police Service, on the other hand, is up shit's creek.

tasers "fail" ... people die

On August 2nd, Craig McDougall was shot to death after a Winnipeg Police taser failed. (To see some *mostly* intelligent debate among Canadians, be sure to read the "Comments" on that page.)

tasers "work" ... people die

Just over a week earlier, on July 22nd, members of the Winnipeg Police Service were along for the ride when seventeen-year-old Michael Langan crossed the finish line. Oops - they forgot to tell his MOM!

August 11, 2008

WINNIPEG — A man was recovering in hospital Monday after being hit with a Taser by Winnipeg police. It was the latest in a number of confrontations in which city police have said they were forced to fire an electronic stun gun on a suspect who refused to drop a weapon.

“Unfortunately, our members are finding themselves in situations like this more and more often,” Const. Jason Michalyshen said. “If those officers deem that their safety and other people’s safety is being jeopardized ... an electronic control device is certainly a tool that members of the police service will deploy.”

Police were called to a disturbance at a home early Sunday and encountered a 42-year-old male suspect who refused to put down a knife, Michalyshen said. The suspect was shot with a Taser and fell backwards, hitting his head on the sidewalk, he said. The man was taken to hospital in critical condition, but has since been upgraded to stable.

Winnipeg police have faced criticism this summer over how they’ve responded to situations. Michael Langan, 17, died after being Tasered in July. Police said that he, too, refused to drop a knife. On Aug. 2, an officer fatally shot Craig McDougall, 26, with a gun after officers said he refused repeated demands to drop a knife.

McDougall’s death prompted native leaders to call for a public inquiry into how the Winnipeg Police Service deals with aboriginals. Manitoba Attorney General Dave Chomiak rejected that demand, saying each death would be subject to a judicial inquest under provincial law.


Anonymous said...

another knife case. wow maybe knives are bad, police could have shot him but did not

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, but I think we are barking up the wrong taser tree...I don't think we should be blaming taser international for any of these deaths...we ought to be investigating cement companies...it's the sidewalks that are killing all these poor people. Thanks to taser international, I am finally convinced that it is "the falling to the ground" that is the culprit. I have often wondered if taser international ever look up from checking their daily stock market report to give some serious thought to what actually has sent these 367 people to their graves...but who am I to question their integrity?.....