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Monday, August 11, 2008

B.C. RCMP officer found guilty of assault in 2006 taser incident

Const. Dan Cameron leaves court on August 11 (photo by Kendall Waters)

Am I READING this right?!?! "A provincial court judge ruled that while use of the taser WAS NOT EXCESSIVE, police DID NOT HAVE GROUNDS TO ARREST THE MAN in the first place, so Cameron's use of the stun gun WAS NOT WARRANTED."

Police had NO GROUNDS TO ARREST the man but USED A TASER when it was NOT WARRANTED. That's one of the DEFINITIONS of excessive force! This judge ought to find somewhere else to remember the good old days.

As for MR. Cameron remaining on active duty ... Mr. Kennedy? Mr. Elliott? Mr. Day? Would somebody PLEASE get this officer off our streets?!

August 11, 2008
The Canadian Press

100 MILE HOUSE, B.C. — A B.C. Mountie has been convicted of assault with a Taser stemming from a police call to a pub in 100 Mile House.

Const. Dan Cameron will be sentenced at a later date for the December 2006 incident. Cameron and two other officers were called to a pub on Highway 97, and arrested the man who was hit with the stun gun.

A provincial court judge ruled that while use of the Taser was not excessive, police did not have grounds to arrest the man in the first place, so Cameron's use of the stun gun was not warranted.

Cameron's sentencing hearing will be scheduled for sometime next month. An RCMP spokesperson says Cameron remains on active duty at the 100 Mile House detachment until after sentencing and the outcome of a formal internal disciplinary hearing.

Oh look - here's another heartwarming story about RCMP use of this life-saving technology.


Excited-Delirium.com said...

The judge also seems to be unaware of the recent 'discovery' that tasers are legally defined as FIREARMS in Canada.

Also, the typical Touch-Torture taser deployment mode would often meet the legal definition of Torture as defined under CC 269.1.

So we have a 'firearm' being used to 'torture'.

And the officer can remain on duty???

Turn it around. What sort of sentence would you or I get if we tasered a police officer without justification? Five or ten years?

So, are police held to higher standards? I expect the sentence to be a scandal.

Gary E said...

I don't understand this verdict. When this incident happened there were witnesses who said the man was locked in the back of a police vehicle when Dan Cameron turned and fired at him. He was subdued and locked in the back of a cruiser. I can't remember if it was in the 100 Mile Free Press or The Advocate. The witness who spoke out was one of the town Barbers. Why are these accusations not coming out in the mainstream media? There is far more to this picture than what we are seeing in print. Did none of this come out in court?