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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taser International a major sponsor of the 2008 Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police conference

I guess I spoke too soon - Taser International IS, once again, a platinum sponsor of the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. I should have known it was too reasonable (see below) to be true. So much for progressive change.

Originally posted on June 26, 2008:

Taser International NOT a major sponsor of the 2008 Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police conference

Back in November, I made some noise here about Taser International's major sponsorship of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference. My opinion was that this posed an enormous conflict of interest and compromised the Association's integrity.

I first noticed the strange phenomenon of Taser International's sponsorship of this particular conference in 2004, the year my brother died.

Although many companies are listed as conference sponsors of the 2008 conference, Taser International is conspicuously *not*.

The Association's tagline is "Leading Progressive Change in Policing".

Is this progressive change, or what?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aside from the obvious explanation (someone trying to insert some distance between the Chiefs and Taser to improve the optics), another possible explanation is that Taser is simply not as wealthy as they were last year.

Their stock is down about two-thirds since that time last year, and they still have that pesky $6.2M judgment to deal with.

Spending tens of thousands of dollars to sponsor a conference in the one market (Canada) that is turning out to be their worst nightmare is perhaps not something they think is worthwhile.

Or perhaps they blew their travel budget attending all the many taser inquires across Canada.

No matter how you slice it, they're not having a good year.