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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Philadelphia police commissioner talks about Taser incident

And where, do you suppose, did the Philadelphia police department GET their "policies, procedures, training and things of that nature??" Why, the almighty CHURCH OF TASER, of course!! Hey CHIEF RAMSEY - in between sermons - be sure to check out the taser policy news out of Wyoming today, where they have finally chosen to follow their OWN religion!! And, hey - while you're at it, be sure to stop by yesterday's announcement from Canada's national police force - the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey appeared on 97.5 The Fanatic with Mike Missaneli to talk about the Taser incident at the Phillies game.

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking here.

Some excerpts:

"Well I mean again that is judgment. When I look at it, I look at it and review based on our policies, our procedures, training and things of that nature. They could still be chasing him around the outfield until they eventually brought him down. If they tackled him if he broke his arm and somebody thought that the tackle was too hard then you have got another issue. The kid should not have been out on the field.

... Again, I am not saying that every officer under the same set of circumstances would have done the same thing. I am not saying that at all, but when I look at this I have to have some set of guidelines, some set of rules. I don't know what people want me to do? Are they looking to get this kid fired? Are they looking for me to have him hanging up somehow because he used his Taser against this individual? The answer to that is, no! I am not going to do it. I mean that kid should stay off of the field period and whether or not I would have done it that way or what else."

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