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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Charges withdrawn against Shawn O'Sullivan

May 13, 2010
LUKE HENDRY, The Intelligencer

The Crown has withdrawn criminal charges against retired boxer Shawn O'Sullivan.

Hastings County assistant Crown attorney Jodi Whyte withdrew the charges Thursday morning at the conclusion of a pretrial hearing in Belleville criminal court.

"Hopefully this has been put to bed and we'll all carry on," O'Sullivan said after the hearing.

Whyte and O'Sullivan lawyer Bill Reid of Toronto agreed upon a peace bond requiring O'Sullivan not to be on the property of Jeff Burton, the man on whose property O'Sullivan was arrested Nov. 28, 2009.

Justice Stephen Hunter imposed the bond.

O'Sullivan told The Intelligencer earlier this year he had gone to the property while pursuing a lead about his stolen rings. At least 10 boxing championship and personal rings were stolen from his home in May 2007 and he has since been on a passionate quest to recover them.

In a January 2010 interview, O'Sullivan said he had gone to the other man's house to ask him something about his rings.

Instead, the two scuffled. Police were called and shocked O'Sullivan with a Taser-like stun gun.

O'Sullivan has since professed his innocence and said he did not, contrary to police reports, act combatively with police or do anything to warrant the Tasering.

Lawyer Reid said he and O'Sullivan are still considering filing an official complaint with Belleville Police about the way the arrest was handled.

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