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Thursday, May 20, 2010

NIJ Solicitation: Alternatives to Conducted Energy Less-Lethal Devices

With this solicitation, NIJ seeks applications to develop, demonstrate, and test less-lethal devices that provide the same capability but do not use conducted energy, and which do not pose an undue risk (ideally no risk) of injury to the subject, bystanders, or the officer involved. The attributes of such a device would include:

• The device would be safe across a broad range of populations with predictable physiological effects.

• The effects of the device would be immediate.

• The device could be employed at a safe distance.

• The device would be discriminatory, e.g., a specific individual, or individuals can be targeted, with minimal to no risk of effect on bystanders.

• The device could be reused, or would be so inexpensive that it could be discarded after the first use.

• The device could fire multiple shots before reloading is necessary.

• The device would be portable and could be used by one person.

• The device would be compatible with the equipment used and worn by law enforcement and corrections officers.

• The device could be easily employed by the average officer with minimal training.

• The device would be easy to maintain.

• Use of the device would have minimal (ideally no) environmental impact.

• The device would be cost effective for the majority of State and local law enforcement and corrections agencies.

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