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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Utah Citizen who wanted Hurricane police to put a hold on Tasers says he's being followed

June 25, 2009
By Paul Rolly, Salt Lake City Tribune

A member of the St. George Citizens Review Panel says the Hurricane Police Department has put tails on him and harassed him at work since he told a St. George television station the police chief refused his request to put a hold on the use of Tasers after the death of Brian Cardall.

Ronald Smith says the review panel recommended a delay in the use of Tasers by police during the investigation of the death of Cardall, who was shot twice with a Taser by a Hurricane Police officer while in the middle of a psychotic episode.

But when he asked Chief Lynn Excell on behalf of the panel for the temporary moratorium, the chief refused. Later, in an interview with KCSG TV in St. George, Smith spoke of the conversation with Excell and the chief's refusal to put a stay on the use of Tasers.

That, according to Smith, angered the chief, who came to the convenience store where he works and berated him. He said a police car remained for hours at his place of employment and a person who claimed the chief was a relative suggested to Smith's boss he should be fired.

The police department has refused to speak to the media about the case, but attorney Peter Stirba, who was hired to represent Hurricane after the Cardall incident, released this statement:

"Mr. Smith's allegations of harassment by the Hurricane City Police Department are pure fiction, plain and simple. Nobody in the Hurricane Police Department is following Mr. Smith or otherwise observing what he does, monitoring him or causing him any difficulty, period."

Antonio Calderon, another member of the citizens review panel, says several witnesses have corroborated that the police appeared to have a surveillance on Smith, however.

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Critical Mass said...

The Salt Lake City Tribune is providing some interesting debate of the taser death of Brian Cardall.

Taser's Mark Kroll wrote a nice, obfuscatory letter, spreading more "Excited Delirium" Junk Science Mumbo-Jumbo.

He was taken to task by "Excited Frauds" with the following response:

Excited Frauds: 6/26/2009 3:35:00 AM

Taser Spokes-Puppet, Mark Kroll, knows his medically invalid Taser Propaganda quite well. "Excited Delirium" was first used by the director of an insane asylum in the 1800's, and the gentleman was regarded as a QUACK.

As Mark knows, no one has ever been diagnosed as having died of "Excited Delirium" without 2 factors being present: 1.) A law enforcement officer 2.) A method of restraint being used or abused.

That makes "Excited Delirium" one of medicines MIRACLES! A "medical condition" which only occurs in the presence of a police officer or jail guard, who is trying to control a person with a method of restraint. And those taser shockers are often the restraint being used, although hand-cuffs and hog-ties also appear, as well as an officer putting his weight on the person.

Ask yourself this question: "If excitedly delirius persons are on a One Way Path to Certain Death, why aren't at least 25% or 50% of these persons dying BEFORE the taser or hog-tie is used? Why aren't excitedly delirius people dying when the officer yells "Taser! Taser! Taser!" once in a while?

The ANSWER is that the simple presence of the law enforcement officer can not trigger a "medical condition", and if it could, suspects should be dying WITHOUT the restraint or taser being applied.

There is a principle of Logic called Occam's Razor, which roughly says that usually the explanation using the fewest variables will be the correct explanation.

What killed Brian is quite simple ~ he was agitated for a period of time, then confronted and assaulted by a peace officer using a Taser and he died ~ Occam says the Taser killed him, as it should, since the Taser barbs were lodged below his skin and across his heart, which is a muscle and is directly affected by a Taser "electro-muscular control device". The Taser worked perfectly to control Brian's most important muscle - his HEART, and it went into fibrillation, eventually leading to his death.