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Monday, June 01, 2009

Top Mountie says sorry for Dziekanski death

June 1, 2009

OTTAWA — The top Mountie says the RCMP is very sorry for the death of a Polish immigrant who was Tasered by officers.

Robert Dziekanski died after four Mounties confronted him at Vancouver airport in October 2007, stunned him repeatedly with a Taser and pinned him to the floor. RCMP Commissioner William Elliott told a Senate committee today that the force is sorry and plans to learn from the terrible event.

But he stopped short of accepting blame on behalf of the RCMP for Dziekanski's death.

His words echoed those of his deputy Bill Sweeney, who appeared before the senators last month.

The RCMP says it has changed the way it uses the electronic guns since the high-profile event, which was caught on amateur videotape and beamed around the world.

A British Columbia inquiry led by Thomas Braidwood is probing the incident.

The B.C. hearings have revealed some stark differences between the video of Dziekanski's death and statements by RCMP officers.

The tape reveals an officer continued to zap the confused, agitated traveller even after he crumpled to the floor.

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