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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Taser problems affect Saskatchewan RCMP arsenal

June 2, 2009
CBC News

Issues about the reliability of a model of Taser are affecting more than half of the units currently on hand in detachments of the RCMP in Saskatchewan.

The M26 model, which has been identified as not performing to specifications, has been taken out of service by RCMP officials while they examine the issue further.

In Saskatchewan, an RCMP spokesperson told CBC News that the move affects 193 Tasers in different locations across the province.

Another model, the X26, can still be used. Saskatchewan RCMP has 109 of those.

The X26 is a new model of Taser. An RCMP spokesperson told CBC News that senior officers were examining their options, which could include buying new Tasers to replace the ones taken out of service.

The RCMP also plans to test each Taser, to see if it performs to specifications.

Meanwhile, the company that makes the device said the older model Tasers are actually safer, not more dangerous.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the company said the M26 delivers a lower energy output, making it safer to use.

Taser International also questioned tests that found some of the Tasers were flawed.

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