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Thursday, June 18, 2009

American Medical Association Concerns Over Tasers

June 17, 2009
Karen Scullin and Kara Owens, myfoxtwincities

Eden Prairie, MINN - The Ameircan Medical Association (AMA) has adopted new public health polices after concerns over tasers.

A report released Tuesday by the AMA finds tasers are a safe and effective tool for law enforcement, but officials have some concerns when it comes to training and suspects the taser is being used on.

"While tasers can help law enforcement officers, proper use must be ensured through specific guidelines, rigorous training and an accountability system,” said AMA Board Member Joseph Annis, M.D. “There should also be a standardized approach to the medical evaluation of subjects exposed to taser"

One of the concerns, being the use of a taser on someone who has heart problems, under the influence of drugs or alcohol or highly combative.

The AMA wants more research because the combination could lead to injury or death.

Police point out, even if an unarmed suspect is high on drugs, the situation can still be dangerous.

"Officers are making split second decisions that stopping this incident now represents the best interest of the subject as well as the officer," said St. Paul Police Officer Paul Schnell.

According to new AMA recommendations, police should have specific guidlines, rigorous training, and an accountability system.

AMA recommendations encourage independent research to better understand the risks and benefits.

The AMA will also create a standard medical evaluation for police to follow.

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