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Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Surprise

This song by Canadian musician Bob Wiseman says it all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one...I adore this man for making this video...hope to see many more of this type of protest! Mom

Anonymous said...

Yes thank you for this video...what is happening in this country...allowing Police Officers and RCMP so much power to decide the fate of anyone they encounter...so many lies being told across this country of ours...my son was tasered "11" times by Police Officers and beaten so severely. We have launched a Civil Suit because due to the tasering he suffered seizures while under police protection...now he is charged with resisting arrest which is standard because of what they have done to him...he was asleep on a sofa...they got the wrong guy but because they beat him so severely and tasered him so many times they will not admit their mistake...stay tuned this one is going to be in the media very soon...this is a classic case of Police Brutality and apparently is going on across the country a lot more than I ever thought...makes you think anyone can be tasered by Police and it is your word against theirs...thank GOD my son is alive to tell the tale for all of those poor souls that have died at the hands of these Government run Criminals that now have a TOY to use and experiment on anyone they choose...I am behind my son all the way on this one and will fight until the end...want these tasers and Police Officers exposed for exactly what they are...we all need to take a stand and let the Government know that we will not take this violence on our sons and daughters and innocent people sitting down with our hands in our laps...Mr. Prime Minister you really need to hear what the large majority of the population is saying...this could have been anyones son sleeping on a sofa for all of 5 mins and being tasered multiple times while asleep...had a couple of beers at a club with friends and didnt want to drink and drive...and now we know they thought he was someone else...what were they trying to do by tasering him "11" times...this is criminal.