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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taser's medical expert tells inquiry weapon didn't cause Dziekanski's death

"An autopsy concluded Dziekanski died of sudden death following restraint" (full article below - emphasis mine).

From websters-online-dictionary:

Sudden, Adjective
Happening without warning or in a short space of time

Immediate, Adjective
Very close or connected in space or time

Short space of time/very close in space or time - I can't tell the difference!! Can YOU tell the difference??

It's been awhile since I heard the "it would happen immediately" theory of a deadman (see article below - emphasis mine). But, for those of you who are just joining us, it is a favourite among taser fans, after guys die *almost* immediately, shortly thereafter, later the next day - some even check out for real a few weeks later in the middle of a coma they couldn't find their way home from.

Remember the other good 'ole taser expert/excited-delirium pusher, Dr. Jim Cairns - former Chief Deputy Coroner for Ontario? He used to love that "it would happen immediately" stuff AND he was never once sued by Taser International whose spokes"people" also try this one on every now and then to see if we're still awake up here. Coincidence? I don't think so, folks. In fact, Taser International even kind of sort of rewarded Dr. Cairns for being such a good boy by paying him to repeat the company's mantra at conferences. See Taser manufacturer picked up Ontario Deputy Chief Coroner's tab to give lectures which says "But Dr. Cairns's attendance raises questions about the appearance of bias when probing the issue of whether tasers can kill. While he has not presided over any taser-related inquests, his expert opinion on the role of tasers in certain in-custody deaths has often been solicited. At a 2005 inquest, he testified that an Ontario man, who was tasered three times by police and died less than an hour later in hospital, was not killed by the taser because of the time lapse between the shocks and his death."

(It was Dr. Cairns' "expert opinion" that the taser had nothing to do with my brother Bob's death because Bob didn't die immediately after he was tasered - within seconds just didn't cut it for 'ole Dr. Cairn$. Had to be ZAP! DEAD! He went public with that conclusion on Ontario Today (CBC) even before the autopsy report had been completed. He just *knew*! I guess expertise must be seen to be had, to be had - especially when you've been a key component to province-wide approval of tasers for the province of Ontario.)

*** Rant over ***

Until today, I somehow missed that the good Dr. Swerdlow had such impeccable credentials as a medical adviser to the manufacturer.

Answer me this, Dr. Swerdlow: What if the guy is writhing on the floor in agony and terror and he's too busy just trying to survive to die immediately??? Huh? What about that?

It'll be a hot night over the Comments section at the CBC website!

April 28, 2009
The Canadian Press (in Metronews Vancouver)

VANCOUVER, B.C. - An expert for the company that makes Tasers has told a public inquiry into Robert Dziekanski's death that he doesn't think the stun gun contributed to man's death.

Dziekanski died in October 2007 after four RCMP officers confronted him at Vancouver's airport and stunned him several times with a Taser.

Dr. Charles Swerdlow, a heart specialist who sits on Taser International's medical advisory board, says he doesn't believe the death is at all related to the Taser.

Swerdlow says if electric current causes an irregular heartbeat, such as ventricular fibrillation, it would happen immediately.

He notes that an airport security guard testified he checked Dziekanski's pulse three times before firefighters arrived, and he had a pulse each time.

An autopsy concluded Dziekanski died of sudden death following restraint.

1 comment:

Excited-Delirium.com said...

It's obvious that these so-called 'experts' CAN'T EXPLAIN the obvious-to-all death-by-taser mechanism, but that's perfectly in keeping with the level of completeness of the science of medicine.

ANY self-proclaimed taser 'expert' that holds the opinion that the taser is completely incapable of causing or contributing to a death is basically saying, "I'm brainwashed."

Their testimony should be listened-to with deep interest only as it reveals the disturbing influence of Taser International.

Something killed Mr. Dziekanski. He didn't just coincidentally die for no apparent reason.

Did anyone perform the test for VF on his heart tissue? If not, why not?