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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Frantic mother of child killed in Terrytown rampage subdued with Taser

April 11, 2009
Allen Powell II, The Times-Picayune

The frantic mother of a 6-year-old boy killed in this morning's triple murder in Terrytown was subdued with a Taser gun by Jefferson Parish deputies at the murder scene, a sheriff's spokesman said. The mother of Four Overstreet grew irate with authorities when she arrived at the Monterey Court apartment where the rampage happened before 4 a.m., Saturday. When she got physical, deputies stunned her to bring the situation under control, Col. John Fortunato said ...


Sharna Sugarman, Kingston, ON said...

These weapons are barbaric in every meaning of the word. The police seem almost gleeful when the Tasers are used. I have heard unprofessional and down right cruel things uttered by police after the Taser was deployed. Canadian police are paid by us the tax payers and they have zero accountability for their corrupt actions. The mire fact that many of the Tasering are not made public are a real example of how far the police will go to deceive Canadians. For the officers out there that joined the force for the right and honorable reasons it must be difficult to see cover up after cover up mare the badges and oaths they took. This type of inhumane, illegal and gross indignity's must end now. In order to get respect one must give it. Nowhere more is this needed then with the police. The federal government must stop lying to the public and realize that if they don't start listening to people and the victims of Tasers more innocent people will lose their lives to cruel and horrific means.

Sharna Sugarman Kingston, ON said...

I cannot believe that a mother who was informed that her child had been murdered was ignorantly Tasered by police. Have the police become so desensitized by their work that they forget that people have feelings, and especially a mother who just realized she will never see her child's smile again. There is no excuse in the world for that poor woman to have been Tasered. The officers that deployed the Taser should be charged and fired immediately. Shameful and inhuman.