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Thursday, April 02, 2009

"Tasers drawn" as police target G20 protest leaders

April 2, 2009
The London Daily News

Police have turned their attention to the masterminds of yesterday’s violent G20 protests. At 12.20 today 100 officers and the riot squad raided two squats in east London that they say where headquarters for several groups involved in organising.

Several of the 20 to 30 squatters have been arrested, many have injuries related to yesterday’s protests where 90 people were arrested and all are being photographed and questioned in an operation likely to last several hours.

A man at the centre that was raided told Sky News that officers punched him in the face and had taser guns drawn when they smashed their way into the building.

"Shame on Jacqui Smith, shame on Sir Paul Stephenson, the man said.

The Metropolitan Police said those involved in violence should expect a "knock on the door".

Officers are pouring over CCTV footage and shots by Met photographers as well as monitoring internet chatter to identify known troublemakers that were at yesterdays demonstrations.

Those arrested this afternoon are also suspected of targeting today's official G20 meetings in the Docklands.

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