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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Probe into California death after Taser strike still not done - which lab should be tapped to test the Taser stun gun

February 11, 2009
TERI FIGUEROA, North County Times

... Deputies fired an electric stun gun 13 times as they tried to subdue Mendoza, according to a report in Mendoza's autopsy findings citing data recordings in the Taser guns ...

...The investigation into Mendoza's death has taken far longer than the investigation into any other in-custody death in more than a decade ...

...Brugos said one reason for the delay was an internal discussion over which lab should be tapped to test the Taser stun gun used on Mendoza. As is routine, the weapon will be tested to be sure it was in good working condition at the time of the incident. Stun guns fire a jolt of electricity intended to momentarily disable a person.

"It comes down to the sheriff's office just trying to a make a determination of where would be the best place to send it," Brugos said. "And it did take quite a bit of time to, for whatever reason, come up with the best recommendation."

He said the Taser gun was finally sent out last month to an independent lab for testing, as opposed to doing the work in-house or sending it out for testing by Taser International, the manufacturer of the stun gun used to subdue Mendoza.

Brugos said the results of the testing are due this month.

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