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Friday, February 13, 2009

Florida man dies

Rudolph Byrd, Age Unknown, Thomas County, Florida

February 13, 2009

Thomas County officials say at around 2 A.M. a deputy was driving on Highway 19, south of the 84 bypass when he noticed a truck in the middle of the road. The officer approached the truck and noticed a man inside had blood on his arms and wrists. Captain John Richards with Thomas County Sheriff's Office says "The deputy called for back up, the man then got out of the truck and attacked the deputies. It took five deputies and the use of a taser to restrain him." Rudolph Byrd of Quincy, FL. stopped breathing before the ambulance got him to the hospital. Doctors at Archbold Memorial Hospital were able to revive Byrd but he died moments later. The Georgia Bureau of Investigations has taken over this investigation. Investigators say an autopsy will be performed tomorrow at a crime lab in Atlanta.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Deputy called for backup" for someone who appeared to need medical attention, but not an ambulance, no, no, never call for an ambulance until the bloody mutt is "restrained" or dead, either way, makes no never mind to the predators who are giddily delirious from masochistic excitement at the prospect of tasing someone (Giddy Excited Masochistic Delirium).