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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Winnipeg band "the consumer goods" sings a taser song

An article today in the Winnipeg Free Press (City band hides political lyrics in happy, joyful pop melodies), about Winnipeg band "The Consumer Goods" says: "The song about taser use, Serve and Protect Uh, is from the point of view of the police officer singing about his weapon."

Here are the lyrics (with the band's permission):


i give my taser a woman's name.
i call that bitch 'veronica.'
and if you step out of line again, my ronnie's gonna send one hundred fucking volts through your skull, uh!
oh yeah! oh yeah! oh yeah! oh yeah!
i like to stroke my taser at night, so i can trust her when the shit goes down.
imagine if some kid tried to read without his library card... my ronnie snaps in line, sends a shock into his spine, and it gets me hard.
oh yeah! oh yeah! oh yeah! oh yeah!
i'm such a big, big man and i do it cos i can, yeah, i do it cos i can.
no, no, that's wrong, just wait.
i'm just keeping people safe.
yeah, i'm keeping people safe.

ABOUT THE BAND (from their website):

The Consumer Goods are a wickedly sharp absurdist political indie pop band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They play crunchy pop songs with a hint of alt-country and death-folk, and they sing fun songs about oppression, imperialism and resistance.

The band is made up of five (sometimes six and seven) good friends who have all made their mark in Winnipeg's beautifully cohesive and under-attentioned music scene. Their members have collectively played on something like 50 different records (seriously) in projects like the Horribly Awfuls, Cone Five, Paper Moon, the Bonaduces, Cheatron, Enjoy Your Pumas, the Honeybuckets, the Haste, Use Every Part of the Deer, Mr. Pine, the Poets, and lonely hunters. One member of the band, Ryan McVeigh, doubles as producer, and is responsible for many of the the above-mentioned projects, as well as recent indie-smashes Boats!! and Mint Records' Hot Panda.

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