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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Coroner rules on man's death after police chase

July 19, 2008
Carol Robinson, Birmingham News

A man who died last month after being subdued with a Taser by Birmingham police died from heart complications, the Jefferson County Coroner's office has ruled. The fact that 43-year-old Willie Maye fled police, fought with them, and was subsequently subdued with spray and a stun gun, contributed to his death, according to a report released by the cororner today. The Jefferson County Coroner's office classified the manner of Maye's death as a homicide.

"He had a bad heart, but the adrenalin from fleeing from the police first, the scuffle, the bruises he sustained, the physical exertion, the Taser and the Mace -- all the ingredients together resulted in his death," said chief Deputy Coroner Pat Curry.

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Anonymous said...

notice how Taser was listed at the end of the report and not a primary cause. resisting arrest is the root cause in all these