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Friday, October 26, 2007

Timeline of events the night Robert Dziekanski died

CTV British Columbia has obtained an airport log that shows a four-minute lag between when Dziekanski lost consciousness and when B.C. ambulance crew members were called, and an almost 15-minute gap between the time he passed out after being tasered, and when the ambulance crew arrived on the scene.

Here is the timeline of events of Oct. 14:

1:21 a.m. -- Vancouver International Airport calls the RCMP, reporting a 50-year-old male is throwing suitcases and appears to be intoxicated.

1:26 -- The passenger has now thrown a chair through a window.

1:27 -- Two security guards show up. One minute later, the RCMP arrives.

1:30 - A male has been tasered and is unconscious but breathing. Ambulance is called.

1:31 -- Security guards help restrain the man, who is now described as a suspect.

1:32 -- The log reports that Dziekanski has lost consciousness.

1:36 - A Code 3 is issued to paramedics, indicating someone is unconscious.

1:44 - Paramedics arrive, 12 minutes after Dziekanski, 40, first slipped into unconsciousness.

Sources told CTV B.C. that a Code 3 call should have been issued to paramedics immediately after the individual became unconscious. However, it wasn't until four minutes later that the Code 3 went out. It also reports that an on-site emergency responder had told the team at the airport to hold off on immediately upgrading the status of the call.

John Butt, a former coroner who is an expert on Taser deaths, told CTV News in Vancouver on Friday that he is concerned about how quickly the RCMP used the Taser stun gun. According to CTV News in Vancouver, police used a Taser on Dziekanski 24 seconds after they arrived. "I don't know the situation directly, but it obviously requires a degree of assessment," Butt said. "If police had confined the man (in a secure area away from the public), the 24 seconds seems a very, very small period of time." Butt said he was also concerned about the 12-minute lag between when Dziekanski slipped into unconsciousness and when the first ambulance arrived. "I don't know the protocols for the Vancouver airport and I don't think I'm misspeaking myself by saying that's quite a long time," he said.


Justice for Robert D. said...

If you are appalled by this affair, please mail your MP and Lawrence Cannon the minister for Transport Canada asking for an inquiry into the RCMP procedures and Immigrant processes at the airport. A template for a letter and the email addresses are available at http://justice4robertd.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

This could happen to anyone. Obviously some police do not have the training or the conscience to use this technology. It is sad that these so called non-lethal weapons are being used. They are just the tip of the iceberg...watch out people Domestic Surveillance is no longer just being wiretapped or followed....some of the targets are stung in their private areas on a regular basis. This is the new surveillance with non-lethal weapons.

Anonymous said...



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