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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tasers on order in Saskatchewan

October 24, 2007

Saskatchewan municipal police services are now allowed to use taser guns or, conducted energy devices. A CED is a hand-held device used at close range to control people. The taser gun produces an electrical charge that temporarily subdues the subject.

Moose Jaw Police Chief Terry Coleman has mixed feelings about the device. "Tasers have been quite controversial. Research will tell us...will tell you that there have no deaths due to taser but, there certainly have been some deaths after a taser has been used," said Chief Coleman.

"You know, if you look back at what our officers used to be, you either hit somebody with your baton...or you fired your handgun and, invariably, somebody would be seriously injured or very likely die once they've been shot with a handgun or...a shotgun and a similar thing would happen," the Chief continued.

"These less-than-lethal use of force options that we have now...they're really kind of a symptom of the fact that we no longer have big men as police officers. I'm not suggesting that we go back to that criteria but, it has been an interesting evolution of the staffing of police organizations and a need to acquire alternative means of resolving violent situations," the Chief added.

The Chief says the Moose Jaw Police Service does have some taser guns on order and they will be adding them to their arsenal in the near future.

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