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Friday, October 19, 2007

Debate over taser use rages after second death

Quilem Registre, 39, of Montreal, became the second person to die in Canada in the past week in connection with a police Taser incident.

"If you don't have that Taser gun, you're going to have to use your handgun," said the Quebec municipal police federation's president Denis Cote.

"I'm waiting for the review that's presently underway by the RCMP of how extensive the use is, and are there any things that need to be moderated in the program," Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said Thursday.

"Canadians need answers. They need reassurance that the use of Tasers is not routine procedure," said Vancouver MP Hedy Fry.

"In every case in Canada we've been cleared and completely exonerated by medical examiners and the experts including the Canadian police research centre as well that's done research," said Steve Tuttle of Taser International.

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