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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sparks flew out of tasered man's chest, inquest into his death told

November 2, 2010
Peter Michael, The Courier-Mail

POLICE repeatedly fired a Taser into a man until a spark "like a piece of lightning" shot out of his chest, an inquest has heard.

Witness Sandra Wynne yesterday told an inquest into the death of north Queensland man Antonio Galeano, 39, how she begged a police officer to stop firing the 50,000-volt device.

"His face turned black," she said. "I could hear the buzzing of the Taser and Tony screaming in pain. Every time I could see a little spark, like a piece of lightning, coming out of his chest. I said to them: 'How many times can you hit him with that bloody thing until you kill him?'"


Senior Constable Craig Myles, who fired the device [about 28 times], had never before used the Taser in the field.

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