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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I repeat - Justice must be SEEN to be done, to be done

A message I received from the mother of Trevor Grimolfson:

I sent you a copy of the media release issued by the Canadian Civil Rights Movement by Zygmut Riddle. As you probably guessed my application for funding was denied for what reason I don't know. It took me awhile to figure it out but my humble opinion is that once the lawyers for the police found out who I had found to take Trevors case, they contacted Taser International, who then requested to be a part of the inquiry. They already knew who Mr. Sundhu is and that he assisted on Robert Dziekanzki's case. In my opinion they didn't want someone of Mr. Sundhu's experience in the courtroom. They would have had quite the battle on their hands as he is an excellent lawyer and humanitarian. Had I asked for funding for a lawyer fresh out of school with no experiences with police officers or Taser International I think I may have received funding.

I have decided to go on to the inquiry and to act as my own lawyer, if this is what Judge Day wants this is what he will get. I do not speak "legalease" and feel I should have an interpreter as it is a foreign language to me. I do not have a clue about how to handle myself in front of a judge or when to ask questions or even what questions to ask.

I hope you will post this on TNT as I feel that the world needs to know how one sided this case is. I will fight for my son's human rights. I don't think that Taser International will be involved at the inquiry, now that they have managed to get rid of Mr. Sundhu and his expertise.

I think it is a miscarriage of justice to expect the victim's mother to act as a lawyer, to look at autopsy pictures and to have to question the witnesses. My opinion is that this will be a SHAM OF A WHITEWASH INQUIRY, JUST A BIG COVERUP. Ever since the day the lead investigator PETER DRAGANIUK.... LAUGHED at me, 6 weeks after my son's death, and he didn't even know what kind of tasers were used, I knew this case would not be handled well.

Thank you again Patti for all you do!!!!!! Pray for me to have the strength to make it through this. If you post this on TNT please add my contact info..... It is Bev Grimolfson TREVOR'S MOM, 1-204-638-3319....102 4th Ave. S.W. Dauphin,Manitoba R7N 1T7 E-mail jypsywind@hotmail.com

It's a travesty that families receive no funding for these coroners inquests/fatality inquiries, which are "supposed" to be for the family's benefit. We had the same problem at our inquest in BC and I`ve heard from other families in the exact same boat. I think it`s a nationwide problem but it`s a problem that most Canadians don`t even know exists until it arrives inside the borders of their own world. I guess, as families, we are just expected to sit there and shut up. We don`t even have to BE there and it would likely be preferable if we didn`t even show up. But if we do, we`re expected to just listen to the testimony of the police and the so-called "experts" and the rich lawyers who represent Taser International and hope that the jury stays awake long enough to understand the fine print. We are not encouraged to raise any questions or concerns of our own, unless we`re willing to sell the farm to pay for it.

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