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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

RCMP today tasered a 14 year old boy "out of concerns for his safety and 'WHATNOT'"

"Unfortunately, our officers, from time to time, encounter 14-year-olds who are extremely threatening" (RCMP Commissioner William Elliott, Feb 12, 2009) - read it here.

...There also remains the recommendation to generally limit the CEW to members with five years or more of experience - May 2010 News Release by the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP

RCMP Operational Manual - Conducted Energy Weapon: Medically high risk situation includes, but is not limited to the deployment in probe mode for longer than 5 seconds, and the deployment in either probe or push stun mode against: 2. 3. 2. 2. a child

November 2, 2010
CBC News

RCMP officers used a Taser to subdue a suicidal 14-year-old boy on Monday, but police say the teen's Surrey, B.C., family has no complaints about the incident.

The family called 911 from the Vancouver suburb and told the dispatcher the boy was highly emotional and suicidal, according to Const. Peter Neily. When officers arrived they tried to subdue the adult-sized boy as he hit himself in the head with a mallet.

"He's described as being five foot 10 and 180 pounds, so he's a large individual for his age," said Neily.

"Our members were able to get the mallet out of his hand, but the struggle continued from there," he said. "Out of concerns for his safety and whatnot, the conducted energy weapon was deployed in what at this time we are determining to be an appropriate use."

The boy was taken to hospital for treatment and the case will be reviewed, but the family is satisfied with the actions of the officers, said Neily.

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