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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winnipeg police lose ANOTHER Taser cartridge

July 20, 2010
CBC News

A piece of Taser equipment has been lost by a member of the Winnipeg Police Service for the third time this year.

And it has happened in District 3 (northwest Winnipeg) each time.

The latest loss occurred Monday, when it fell off an officer's vest, according a news release from the police service.

The item, described as a cartridge inside a pouch, is not the electric stun gun's firing unit but does contain the device's probe wires, which extend when the device is discharged.

"The Winnipeg Police Service would like to advise that the cartridge could pose a risk of harm to the public," states the release. "If the cartridge was to be picked up by an unsuspecting person and carried in a pocket, a build-up of static energy could activate the cartridge, causing the probes to be propelled."

Anyone who finds the cartridge or pouch is asked to call the police immediately.

The same piece of equipment was lost twice in six days in February.

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