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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family: Taser Used On Justice Thomas' Kin

July 09, 2010

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was traveling to New Orleans to find out why his nephew was subdued with a stun gun at a hospital, his niece says.

Kimberly Thomas told WGNO-TV, New Orleans, she called the justice immediately and described him as outraged.

Derek Thomas, 24, refused to put on a hospital gown at West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero after being admitted Thursday, Kimberly said. Derek Thomas said he asked to leave the hospital and was then threatened with an electronic stunning.

The young man is epileptic. Kimberly said a security guard hit him and then used a Taser, sending him into a seizure.

Clarence Thomas has refused to comment on the incident, The Washington Post reported.

Kimberly Thomas said her brother's chart included the information about his epilepsy.


Anonymous said...

Taser International should issue a press release crowing about how very proud they are to bring life-threatening taser-torture directly to the families of the Judicial branch; and how much the management of the company looks forward to providing the electro-torture device of choice for use on the family members of the other two branches of government. After all, the taser as an instrument of coercion is so much nicer looking than damp sponges and booster cables.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, there will be some justice from Justice Clarence Hall, who snuck thru 52-48 as a Bush-senior appointee to the Supreme Court after ths scandal of his harrassment of Anita Hill ... remember that one?
Perhaps the arch-conservative Hall may yet see the light, if his nephew was tasered in hospital - already a totally unacceptable way of dealing with behavioral problems - with his history of epileptic seizures.
What an irony!
(The taser contains a lot of gallows humour.)
Maybe the Supreme Court will now consider hearing the arguments against the taser as an unacceptable way of torturing US citizens by out-of-control control-agents (police, private guards,prison guards, etc.)
But don't hold your breath: Clarence was one of the 5 Americans who gave Bush junior his first term in office.
I doubt he'll redeem himself by taking on the legal wizards at Scottsdale!

Keep up the good work!

Patrick B