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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ARGENTINA: The Justice banned the use of Taser pistols for the Metropolitan Police

July 13, 2010

The head of the court No. 9 of the City of Buenos Aires, Judge Andrea Danas, decided to ban the use of Tasers (electrical stun weapons) that had proposed Head of Government, Mauricio Macri. Among the citations and recitals it is added that it is weapons of torture, as regards the United Nations.

In this way, it gave place to a right of cessation filed by the Centre for Human Rights of the City of Buenos Aires for considering tasers an element of torture similar to others used in the past unfortunately Argentina.

In turn, the order was given to protect the principle of legality and the physical integrity of persons living in the Federal Capital, avoiding situations of violence and subsequent police impunity and that the weapons do not leave marks on the skin after use.

Court prohibits use of stun guns by Metropolitan Police
March 2, 2010

Judge Andrea Danas ordered the Metropolitan Police not to use so-called temporary Taser guns.

The precautionary measure of the judge was in response to an appeal presented by Human Rights association for Buenos Aires City.

The judge held that from the two legal interests must be prioritized health and lives of people than safety, according to the NGO.

Amparo stressed that the UN Committee Against Torture disapproved the use of taser weapons and claimed that such arms may infringe the rights as life, physical integrity and health of people and they encourage the concealment or police impunity because they do not leave marks on the body.

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