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Sunday, May 10, 2009

RCMP facts

A visitor to my site arrived after entering the following search:

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RCMP facts? I wonder if there is such a thing!?


Anonymous said...

This comment is unworthy of your site. Making such blanket statements is counter-productive and offensive to all the good cops out there.

Anonymous said...

Am sure that this site does not dishonour the multitude of police officers who do their job in humane competence, nor does it ever appear to be anti police. Rather, it questions the higher authority who continue to insult our intelligence as they insist on defending and covering up this abuse and misuse of the taser. It is a sad testimony and should not be acceptable to those good police officers who continue to protect and serve Canadians. To the above commentator, I suggest you delve deeper into this site and perhaps consider the majority of Canadians who are in agreement with what is written here.