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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Postmortem diagnosis of ventricular fibrillation

Excited-delirium is onto something very important: Postmortem diagnosis of ventricular fibrillation

But don't stop there - be sure to go back to the top and read it all at www.excited-delirium.com

The day is coming when the owner of www.excited-delirium.com (and others who have not been paid off by Taser International) will be called to give some truly independent expert witness testimony.

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Excited-Delirium.com said...

I'm just a humble blogger and I certainly wouldn't make a good 'expert' witness.

But in the course of my research I have stumbled across some really interesting observations about the antics of the pro-taser folks. There are enough examples of unethical behaviour by some of those pro-taser folks to make a good Micheal Moore movie.

Check out the childish, amateurish and plainly stupid ballot box stuffing for the poll I'm running. Was this the very same person that recently testified in Vancouver? Or just a name search AND location coincidence? Even now, I'm tracking the Internet echoes from that incident. It's fascinating.

The postmortem test for V.F. is potentially critical. It's been around since at least 1999. It should be SOP for all taser-associated deaths. And plaintiff lawyers should demand it. And those that fail to perform it should be called to account.