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Monday, March 09, 2009

The unfazed and the dead

This morning in Arkansas:
Polk Deputies Use Guns After Taser Fails
A man who couldn't be calmed down - or subdued with a taser weapon - was shot and killed by Polk County Sheriff's deputies early this morning.

And this morning in California:
Officer Involved Shooting in Calwa
... Police continued to chase the suspect to 9th and Calwa Avenue where officers used a taser on him. The taser did not stop the suspect and grabbed a wooden stick and used it in a threatening manner, forcing officers to open fire, killing the man.

And this morning in Texas:
Police Officer Unhurt In Knife-Throwing Incident
... he allegedly threw a knife at an officer. That officer then fired his Taser at the man, but said it did not have any effect. However, officers were able to subdue the man a short time later.

And on Sunday morning, in California:
Tasers finally down Sacramento parolee after rampage
... officers responded by shooting him with a Taser ... Unfazed by the jolt, Andreas Tillman pulled the prongs out of his body and then went after one of the officers and knocked him out, the CHP said. Several more officers who then arrived shot Tillman again with their Tasers and subdued him.


Anonymous said...

Taser did not kill any of these people.

Hand Guns did

All 4 cases met your new RCMP rules for use

Thought you would be happy


Excited-Delirium.com said...

Police in Canada (RCMP and all other police forces combined) have typically shot-to-death about 12 or 20 people per year. Very few of these have been considered to be problematic incidents.

CBC reported that having taser did NOT reduce police shootings. Other studies have found that police gun-play in fact increased coincident with the introduction of tasers.

My blog has noted that violent deaths of police in Canada has skyrocketed by more than a four-to-one ratio AFTER tasers became more common in 2003.

The problem with tasers is not the rare cases where they might be useful and non-abusive. It's the deaths of innocent people being hastened by the false claims of safety and hubris of the pro-Taser forces.

Being an unmitigated pro-taser person is easy. It's all based on the surface layer of propaganda. But if you're a more sensitive thinker, then you can see past all that crap and see into the core arguments.