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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Setting Commissioner Fantino Straight

I wanted to post a comment I received here this evening (see below). Thank you, David, for your kind words. Losing Robert is something that my family will never quite get over. Especially since the outcome could have been so different with just a little compassion and common sense.

I'm glad you recognize Commissioner Fantino's remarks for what they are. He, like so many others in similar positions, has bought the taser line lock, stock and barrel. I look forward to watching your new blog grow - there are a few Fantino-related posts here as well, which may be useful to you. You keep up the good fight too, David. You're not alone.

It was Commissioner Fantino's inappropriate statements and remarks reported in the press on Feb 25 2009 that prompted me to begin a blog entitled "Setting Commissioner Fantino Straight" Although I am not specifically anti-Taser, I consider myself against the inappropriate use of any type of police force, and I am certainly offended by rather glib statements such as those proffered by Fantino, and parrotted by others in the law enforcement profession.

I wish I could say I understand your loss, but I cannot, It must be devastating. I have witnessed tragic deaths far too often myself, but not the passing of someone I love in such a manner.

Keep up the good fight!

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